Where were you when the Mario Miracle happened?


This is a high resolution shot from the Mario miracle that I got from KUSPORTS.COM posting. It appears to be from the same camera that took the Sports Illustrated shot but later was cropped. It shows exactly where Brent and I were when the shot left Mario's hand. I have taken the original image and blown up Brent and I using Adobe Fireworks. Did a little tweaking of colors and brightness and the shot shows Brent with his Blue Kansas Jersey and his arms up and behind his head. I'm next to Brent in the Red Todd Reesing Jersey. Forever we can show where we were and what we were doing when the Mario Miracle happened. Too COOL!

Brent and Steve Weltner blown up during the Mario Miracle Shot


Here are the photo's of Brent and I just before the game to provide the clothing and color details. Notice Brent's Lanyard holding the ticket can be seen in the blow-up section.

Brent Before the Game Started
Steve Before the game started

Here is the exact same photo before I zoomed in on us!

Mario Miracle Original Photo