Old News 2009


A few more photo's we got from Brent's LAX game at Cy-Fair

brent lax cy fair
brent lax



Yep made it home - 445 miles approximately 7.2 hours ... went the 69 route thru Fort Scott versus 71 .... saves maybe 15 minutes or 25 miles. Roughly 1/2 the route is 4 lanes.

Even though we lost to misery I'm posting the photo's. The day was perfect in the 60's.

I found Doug's grill
webber grill at arrowhead

The Tailgate
Tailgate in Doug's car

Megan's ready
Megan at Tailgate

Sarah Megan Abbey
Sarah Megan Abbey Emilee Weltner at Tailgate

Here's my view from the front row
Front Row BabyJ

Good vantage of cheer squad
KU Cheerleaders

Magino's last stand

Get'em Beakers
Get'em Beakers


Last night Brad and I went up to Lawrence and watched the BBall game. We sat in uncle Doug's seats (nice!). After the game we went back to Leawood and hung out with the girls and I had a beer or two with Emilee Weltner.

Earlier in the day Brad went over to play at mission with Megan, Russ, Doug, Ed and Sue. He says he played well with a 42 that included a birdie and two pars on 9.

Today heading over to Doug's where we begin the journey to Arrowhead and the showdown with misery. Look for me on the 1st row I'll be the one with the "SAVE THE WHALE" sign assuming that Sarah and Anne make the sign that Matt and I designed.

Photo's below are from thanksgiving day over at Doug and Anne's. I'm missing a few pics with Amber's boyfriend John Right and Heather's Michael. Hopefully papa will pass along some with them in the mix.

Doug was hanging out
Doug hanging out

Jeff Winters and Brad
Jeff Winters and Brad Weltner

Brittany Sarah Jeff Brad Megan and Abby
Emilee Weltner missing but her sisters

Amber - Heather and Brittany
Amber Heather and Brittany Weltner

Our host Doug and Anne .... Great JOB!
Doung and Anne serving up TG


Brent left Friday evening with the LAX team to Houston tournament. I left Saturday morning around 5:30 am and arrived just in time for the 10:00 am game. I googled the weather before leaving and it appeared we were in luck with the forecast calling for clearing skies Saturday morning. So much for the weatherman it rained all day Saturday .... the field was in ruins and all games were a mud fest of slipping and sliding payers. Amazing to watch them pickup the ball and scoop not only a ball but nearly as much mud. We lost the morning game 6 to 3 and won the afternoon 3 to 0. I was back to hotel room to catch the last 1/2 of OleMiss game (Brad was in Oxford). Saturday evening the entire team went to Norton's to eat and watched the first half of the Kansas / Texas battle. Not much to watch after that. Sunday morning was the final game (assuming we didn't get into the playoffs) and we fell 5 to 2. Thank goodness we didn't win getting us an earlier start back to McKinney (I didn't say that).

Brent at Cy-Fair LAX Tournament
brent at cy-fair tourney



Way to go Brent

Brent Academic Award


The joys of taking care of another vehicle. All we needed was to fix a slow leak in the right front. Fortunately the Firestone mechanics determined that the nail was to near the sidewall and recommended two new tires. Of course during the inspection they found the break pads to be worn and recommended replacement. Thank goodness for their diligence and we had them replaced them as well.

Kyle called today and now we know where he landed. They are staying in Hotel in El Centro CA about 10 miles north of the border town of Mexicali. The packing plant is in Brawley CA which is of course the annual host of Cattle Call Rodeo. What's really amazing is the county is 72% Hispanic .... imagine that ... who would have thunk that.

Still waiting on Sharon to take photos of the F150


Well this weekend we did it and got Brent a Ford F150 2003. As soon as we get some photo's I will post them. Brent had a Lacrosse tournament where we split games beating Allen in the afternoon game and losing the morning one with South Lake.

Kyle is heading to California this Tuesday to work with Brad Stover on another project they have out West. He's been a little under the weather this week so hopefully he's ready tomorrow.

Brad dropped in Sunday evening for dinner. His mustang got broken into Saturday night by some kids. The police had already caught them in a crime spree that included four other vehicles. Brad will need to get an estimate on the damage and turn it into the police then if the judge does his job he should get restitution from the kinds and or their parents.

11-2-09 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEET 16 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boo Bear is


Big news is we have sold the house thanks to all the great work by Sharon! Sue Sue and Papa came in over the weekend and went to Brent's Football and Lacrosse. Friday we had dinner with Brittany at Vapiano's. Kyle is still hoping that his electrical contractor's business picks up so he can get back to work. Some photo's below from he various events.

Goodbye 2805 Dove Court 1998 - 2009

Brittany's art work at Vapiano's
Brittany Weltner

Fine dinning
Dinner at Vinpiata

Brent's football game
Brent's Football Game

Brent ready for the friends wedding
Brent dressed up

The defender
Brent LAX

Must be in the genes

Disregard the jacket it was a perfect day
Ed Sue with Brent LAX



Tonight was the Thursday Night Football for McKinney Boyd JV. Boyd almost pulled it out in the final minute of a game ending touchdown drive of 60 yards. Brent had four receptions including three in that stretch that brought them within one. McKinney went for two but the pass fell incomplete.

Kyle got back from Dodge City last night. They will be heading back to Dodge on Sunday and from there back to Hummel’s Wharf PA to complete the job. Kyle’s not very good at providing a lot of the details but the project should be completed before the year end.

This weekend Brad and I went down to McKinney Avenue Tavern in uptown Dallas to watch the Jayhawks. We linked up with Russ’s girls (Amber, Heather and Brittany) whom were all in town to celebrate Brittany’s 21st.

News from KC is that Bill Self and Gale Sayers were able to land a photo opportunity with the former Mayor and County Commissioner Sue Weltner. Wonder if they asked her for any advice regarding institutional control for preventing brawls?

Bill and the Kansas Comet with Mayor Weltner
Bill Self - Gale Sayers - Sue Weltner

9-27-09 Brent with his date

Brent and Paige
and page


9-24-09 McKinney Homecoming

My update would be longer, but I think I burned the tips of all my fingers, making Brent's homecoming 'mum'....The goal is to add as much stuff, and make it as obnoxious as you can..
Well-seeing as it is needed for Friday, and I got the information from another mom on Thursday afternoon, this was the best I could do. Gotta love glue guns, but gotta hate them too!! Darn, they get hot!

Brent's biggest concerns over the 'mum'- his date/girlfriend Paige, isn't very tall-so he's afraid she'll trip over the ribbons... And then the next biggest concern is how will something this size really attach and stay on someone's shirt?? We have 3 safety pins, but he does not have trust in himself or Paige to get it on? And, they give them to their dates in the morning-so Mom's can't help?! Oh well, I figure she can carry it, if she needs to?!
Let's add all the above to a full day of work, and heading to a football game that was 40 minutes away?!

Looks like another busy weekend for me, Steve will enjoy visiting with our neices and hopefully Bradley-on Saturday...Brittany turned '21' on Wednesday, Amber/Heather (sisters) are in town-as they helped her celebrate. I think Bradley hooked up with them earlier in the week-and they all plan on getting together on Saturday to watch the Jayhawks.
Brent has the homecoming dance on Saturday evening-so I will hopefully get a chance to take some more pictures on Saturday evening..

mum homecoming


We have a new address:
5016 Grampian Way
McKinney TX 75071

We've been moving a little over at a time. I did 3 whole car loads wow is that great or what. Until the AC get's repaired there is no big rush. It should be done by Wednesday and we will probably be in by next weekend.


Brad and I went and played Ridgeview Ranch in Plano ... it's a nice course in good shape with lots of hills. Afterwards we had steak and shrimp over at the house and then we ran down to his apartment where we setup his wi-fi for accessing the Internet via the PDA. A cool piece of software PDAnet enables you to use your existing phone and Sprint's EVDO network for your PC to surf the Internet at no additional cost. I use it when I'm traveling for my notebook and now Brad will use it at the apartment. It's like Sprint's new MiFi but without paying the monthly fee!



5 freakn’ o’clock’ in the MORNING!?!!?!!!??  Brent has to be at the school by 5:30 am, for 6:00 workout…And I thought today was the only ‘early’ day –with locker assignments, helmets, etc… They had to be there at 5:00am…(up at 4:30?!)  Of course this all happens when I’m the busiest I’ve ever been, and have been working til 10pm at night (and 12 hour days to boot!)… Oh…to go to bed and maybe someday sleep in??  Now~ I know  better than to complain, as I love my job and love my clients-and also I’m aware of many other agents who would beg for clients right now (and NO, I’m not sharing mine!)… It’s just trying to find time to take care of this house, keep some food in the fridge/freezer and make sure I’m at least available for Brent’s carpooling!!  Oh- and laundry too!!!

And to think summer will be officially over in 2 weeks-when school begins!! Yikes, where does time go?

Looking forward to at least tomorrow evening-as Bradley is taking me out to dinner for my bday-and he wants to take me someplace ‘nicer’ than my favorite La Hacienda…  I’m sure it will be awesome, he has good taste-I just don’t want it to be too expensive!



Brent starts his two-a-days with McKinney Boyd High tomorrow at 6:00 AM. I guess that beats doing it in the heat.

Kyle left for Hummels Wharf PA (200 miles West of NYC) for an electrical contract at a meat packing plant. Sammy Stover picked him up this morning where they first headed for Dodge City KS to meet up with the rest of the team and tomorrow they drive to Pennsylvania. The project should last several months and includes a per diem allowance along with room & board. Should be much more financially rewarding than the Beaver Creek where he had to pay nearly $500 for the housing.


Sharon woke me up the other night claiming she was hearing a drip. Sure enough the water heater was busted in the attic. Plumber came out yesterday and they will be installing a new unit. Call me a sucker but I went along with their suggestion to upgrade the drip pans with a water sensor and auto shutoff valve for water.

Sharon left early this AM to the wedding and visit family in Ohio. Brad got moved into his new apartment in Plano (Eastside Village) and Kyle is still planning to leave next week for Pennsylvania on the electrical contractor job. Brent's doing fine and getting ready for Football.


I had a business trip to Omaha and on the way home paid a visit to all the Weltner's in KC. Friday evening we had Dinner over at Doug and Anne's and Saturday we played 18. Swing is a little rust to say the least. Good thing Tom Watson's isn't. Go Tom go!

Mom and her boys
Mom / Dad and the boys
Steve w/ Matt and Sarah
Getting ready to play

Russ Doug
p p
Me Pappa
p p


We drove over 1,400 miles and backpacked 12 miles.  The driving was much easier! We left Thursday at 2 PM and got to Trinidad CO where we stayed at the La Quinta. Friday morning we got to the trail head around 11:00 and hiked for 5 hours to Comanche Lake. Going in we were worried whether we should take Chloe a 5 month old Golden Retriever. I even went to our Vet’s office to make sure we wouldn't be harming her. I think the real question should have been whether Kyle and Chloe should have been taking me!!

Saturday morning it was time to make the assault on Comanche Peak. I was still far to exhausted from the hike in and was having trouble holding onto breakfast. At 10:0O AM Kyle left on a solo mission while I watched from the lake. It took him an hour and thirty minutes to reach the summit. I could see him along the way and believe I saw his silhouette on the peak. When Kyle reached the saddle below the summit he ran into another solo hiker from Denver whom offered to accompany Kyle to the top

As we do every trip we always carry 3 days of food and supply.... of course we always leave a day early. Our early departure was in part because Kyle accomplished the summit but mostly so we could get to lower ground to rid my headache. It was a 3 hour hike out reaching our car at 4 PM.

Saturday evening we watched various West Texas fireworks displays of Dalhart and Dumas before arriving at our Hotel room in Amarillo. Sunday morning we got off by 9 and home around 1pm.

Catch me if you can
trinidad parking lot
I know I brought it
Hurry up and get going
Trailhead Comanche Lake
on the way up to the lake
getting higher ... just about timberline
Kyle was the master of the animal
Ok Dad .... are you ready to hike again?
look I can lay here if I want to
Steve with Comanche Peak in BG
Kyle with Comanche in BG
looking back at the lake
Kyle nearing the summit snapped this
This is what's left for Kyle to climb once he was on saddle
backpack trip
Nearing the top Kyle found an ole friend
Kyle reached the summit at 11am 7-4-09
Another photo of Kyle on summit
Hey if Bears can do it so can I



Once again nearly a month goes by with no updates. I really think its just because we are boring people. Brad is leaning towards going to UTD where they have accepted 83 or his 89 hours so far. Brent is in Oxford MS with his buddy and gets back on Monday but only for a few days before leaving on Saturday the 4th to go to his young life camp in Colorado (click to see details). Sharon has been real busy with her business she has a trip lined up to Ohio in August to see family and go to Jared & Beth's wedding.

Kyle and I have big adventure lined up to summit Comanche Peak at 13,272. We will drive to Westcliffe Co this Thursday. Hike to Comanche Lake on Friday to set base camp. Saturday July 4th the world will be watching as we begin the assault to reach summit.

Comanche Trail #1345 Topo Westcliffe Colorado
Comanche Trail 1345 Westcliffe Co Topo
The destination - First the lake for base camp then the Mountain
Comanche Peak Photo



A special day it's Kyle's 6,935th day since being at Dallas Medical Center. Interpretation he's 19. He also got his license this week from the state as an apprentice electrician.



Over the last two weekends I trimmed all of our trees in the front and backyard. Brad pitched in a 1/2 day each weekend until he decided to go find spanish speaking labor. Brad starts his Banking career today. Brent's last day at McKinney Boyd is this Thursday and Kyle is working with the electrical contractor (Brad Stover). Kyle's apprentice license should be in this week. Sharon's been extremely busy working until 9 Friday evening and again Saturday. She showed something like 45 homes this weekend.

Ladders and Limbs
Tree Pruning at Weltners
All gone
gettin er done
Father and Son discussing the finer details for disposing of the refuse
Tree Pruning Strategy
Man I could use a beer
all done



Brent and I traveled to Oxford this weekend to meet up with Brad and celebrate his 21st birthday. We arrived on Friday afternoon and linked up Brent with his friend Drake that recently moved from McKinney to Oxford. I took out Brad and his fraternity brother Harrison to a nice meal at the City Grocery on the Square. Saturday it was back to the square for the Double Decker festivity which is an art festival and some great food sampling. Drake's mom in the meanwhile had lined up the kids with a job at the Backyard Grill.

Double Decker Weekend at Oxford MS
brad at double decker
Chilling with a budlight at the Pike bar
brad at the bar
Brad reviews some artwork on the square
brad and art
Walking the square
Hey this is one happening place
more olemiss
Brent - Drake and Drew found a job serving burgers for the Backyard Grill
brent drew drake working
Momma T (Drake's mom) knows the owner whom needed some volunteers
boys serving on square
Brent could have never imagined he'd be working the weekend
brent hands out burger
Brent our new master chef
brent at double decker
The City Grocery which is the restaurant I took Brad and Harrison for their 21st birthdays
city grocery
Double Decker weekend and the square is jammed with folks from 11 am to ???
people at double decker
Saturday afternoon we visited out on the balcony at Roosters
pikes at roosters
Too much fun!!!


4-21-09 Brad's 21


Sue and Ed visited this weekend and got to see just a little of Brent's activities ...three Lacrosse games and one basketball game. Well 2 and 1/2 Lacrosse games since as I messed up the instructions on the Sunday Game start time but just as well they won. Sunday morning they went down to visit Brittany Weltner at SMU. They took her to brunch and a trip to the Dallas Arboretum .... Lucky Brittany :-) .... Sounds as much fun as Amber had traveling back from Tucson. The plan was for Brittany to head up for McKinney afterwards and hang with us but that was asking a little much as we had an afternoon setup with Lacrosse then Brent BBALL then dinner. It is our intention to go down and see her soon ... maybe when Brad get's back from school.

We tried to get mom to take one home but no deal.
Brent Sue Maggie Chloee

Wow Brent's almost as tall as his LAX pole
Brent with Lacrosse Stick

Brittany and SueSue posing at the Dallas Arboretum
Mom and Brittany

More Arboretum .... huh Steve didn't go?
Brit Mom and Ed

Father and Son
Steve and Brent




Below is a photo Ed and the KC Weltner's. We should have gone up except Sharon had busy weekend showing on Saturday and Brent had a Lacrosse game. They did win 14 to 2. Brad went to Key West this weekend with a friend. I completed our Taxes this weekend!

KC Weltner's Easter 2009



Attached is Sharon's link into Facebook for her social networking. The primary purpose is her real estate work.

Sharon Weltner's Profile | Create Your Badge
Sharon Weltner's Facebook profile  


Sharon got a few more photo's of Chloe

For now it's just a toy Chloe want to play with soon it will be the rug
chloe and brent
One of these is the Master can you guess which one?
brent and chloe
Chloe rules Maggie
meggie and brent
Chloe rules Brent
chloe rules brent



Ok- Steve's update is quite a bit off...
Here is the real story....Brent's good friend DRAKE is moving back to Mississippi-and his dog Chaney had puppies... So yes, the sucker that I am- had a very tough time not taking advantage of getting a golden retriever puppy for a very small fee?! Brent has wanted a puppy for many years, (yes I know- what kid doesn't)- but considering he is an all 'A' student, in the top 10% of a class of 815 kids, he is nice to his mom( don't care how he treats his dad :))-etc etc, and he has taken on most of the responsibilities (night time)-and luckily it is spring break this week, so day time too! Her name is not Molly, that was one that we considered- but have now changed to Chloe.... Kyle is not thrilled with our choice and will probably call her Tia- as he doesn't like real people names for dogs...

chloe puppy 2
chloe pupp3



Just a few quick updates. We have new member in the Family her name is Molly and she's a six week old Golden Retriever (I'll get Sharon to update with pictures). Blame Brent as it was his friend Drake that had the puppies and Sharon for caving in. I'm running another NCAA 64 tournament this year and if you didn't get an invite (strictly an over site on my part) and would like one drop me an email. Next weekend I'm planning on taking Kyle and Bradley to the Big Easy for a mini Spring Break. Congrats to the HH Champion.


A quick update Brent had a lacrosse game against Greenhill. Like last week we got up a few goals but another comeback by the opposing foe. Kyle's been working all week with the electrician on some downtown McKinney projects.

A few weeks ago I completed the mancave and have added those photos below.

This afternoon the mighty Jayhawks won their fifth straight Big XII championship with a team that returned no starters from last years team.

KU wins Big 12 2009

ManCave - I'm really not sure how long ago I started this project but I would guess something like seven years ago. It first started off as just a decking project in the attic and slowly turned into a room. The ManCave name came one evening when our smoke alarms went off and the fireman were wondering around the house. One of them climbing thru the attic found it and appropriately announced to the others that I was building a ManCave and the name stuck.

The walkway from Brent's room over to the Mancave
The doors are just over 6' high with roughly a 7' ceiling on the walkway
From Brent's room the doors were all handmade our of cedar planks I had from another project
I got a great deal on some wood floors on the walkway
From inside the room looking back out the Mancave
Mancave is about 10' x 14' with a sloped ceiling on the back 1/2
Installed two built in cabinets .... notice the budlight to the far left
This is a mini door to the attic above garage ... carpet coming soon
A good example of an unfocussed camera shot
The cabinets
A view back towards Brent's room



Dad was hoping for an update w/ photos... My update- you can add from the weekend..

A whirlwind in Mckinney... Good times bring bad times. I'm as sad as can be, as my good friend/Frisco neighbor lost her battle with breast cancer last Friday..

Her memorial will be on 2/23...The 1st 3 day/60 mile walk- we did in her honor & in memory of Mom... I have walked in one other 3 Day, and 3x Relay for Life... I will be walking in the 3 Day again this year, in Dallas (early November). Pat was such a special friend. She began her battle with breast cancer, as a single mom of 2 kids (ages ~10 & 6)... She battled her first round of cancer and chemo/radiation by herself.. She won that battle and had 3 good years. Pat was lucky to meet Craig, who has been an incredible friend & just days before she passed, he married her :)...

Craig was there thru her second round of chemo/radiation and this past year -when the cancer started spreading to her bones/organs.. Pat continued to think positive, and fought this battle like a true warrior... We are all so sad, she was too young, leaves too many loved ones, CANCER SUCKS!!

Be on the look out, as I will be soliciting sponsors - I will need to raise $2300 to participate in this years walk... Other than the sad news... Steve will update with Brent's lacrosse tournament info from Texas A& M... (a little hazing happened...) I have been 'swamped' with work...????makes you really wonder huh?-the news reports how awful our economy is?? So far, I'm starting my year off great!!! I will cross everything that work will continue to stay steady!!!

daves bday



I'm suppose to update about Brent's Lacrosse tournament. First I don't have any photo as I took the camera but it fell out of my bag in the trunk. I thought it was lost but after a careful trunk inspection I found it but far too late for photos.

Brent and I drove down to College Station TX for the Lacrosse. The Varsity went 2 and 1 while the JV went 1-2. Brent plays defender on Varsity and he did get to see a little action on JV as forward with a goal. The big deal was Saturday night the upper classmen and maybe an alum or two shaved some hair off Freshman. Brent was really bummed. I'm OK with some good fun but personally this is too far. If this happened at a Frat house today the scholl would be putting them under probation or suspension.

brent hazing at lacrosse


Brent went to the Destination Dance which is like a morph where gal takes the guy. Brad started school last week and I just dropped about $600 in books and we still have another one to buy (crapola). Talked with Kyle they got another 18 inches of snow at BC and seems to be doing well. We continue to get the house ready for sale. I have finished the man cave all but the flooring hopefully I'll get Sharon to take some photo's.

I started painting the outside of our house for the fresh feeling. As I worked my way up to higher places on the 2nd floor and the outside dormers it began to be too much. This morning I ran to one of the spots all the workers hang out. In what was nearly a mob seen the all surrounded my car. I picked Juan out basically cause he was next to my drivers windows and seemed to understand the words paint and ladder. He completed the dormers and most everything on the front in 5 hours at $60. What a bargain and I think Sharon is planning on using him and his wife for cleaning and painting our baseboards.

Brent's photos from Boyd High Destination Dance are below. Since I don't know any of their names other than Paige his date I'll leave the captions out.

Brent and Paige
Brent and Paige
brent in black
brent's dinner party
brent's girls
brent and the guys
brent's white shoes
another photo brent and paige



Brad is back at Ole Miss or at least he's nearby in Memphis staying at the Peabody Hotel for a PIKE convention. Kyle met up with Doug's crew for some skiing and a free meal. Brent is officially at Boyd High School and is awaiting an official ruling to see if he can play basketball for them as the high schools watch any transfers to make sure they are legit. As you can imagine it's an anxious times for the Boyd coaches and the school's fan base as the await the final ruling on the blue chip small forward.

ed weltner as sae treasurer
Papa cutting a check for the SAE house when he was the treasurer


doug turn 50 b party skiing
Doug turned 50 ... seems kind of weird but everyone else got a t-shirt except the birthday boy


I was Brent's designated photographer while he was trying to do some snowboard tricks, jumps, ramps- etc... I've been informed I should not quit my day job..

Steve was the designated 'chauffeur' and made sure we were all where we needed to be- I kinda like that scenario---he was actually waiting on us, from morning until late afternoon! Then was Kyle's personal shopping guide too! As you can imagine, that might not have been the best matchup, hence the smile on the group photo!

Doug & Anne had us over for an AWESOME pasta dinner on Friday evening, and it was so wonderful to see the family! We didn't make it back on Saturday evening, just too much laundry etc and everyone was going in separate directions-not too mention my legs were so tired!?

On Sunday, we headed out early and met up with Steph & family at Loveland, and the kids had one last bit of snowboard action. Bradley had his best day of snowboarding on the mountain, but somehow managed to step wrong and do something to his knee. We then hurried to the Kindsvatter home, where David & crew met us for a quick visit. The Colorado Daley's look awesome and seem to be doing quite well!! It was so nice to see everyone, I just wish we had more time for visiting?!! We were in a bit more of a rush/worry at the airport. The best part of that scenario was we put Bradley in a wheel chair, and moved to the front of every line!

beaver cree
Watching the Fighting Mangino's at Finnegan's in Avon
beaver creek
Kyle and Brent having some wings and red wine
beaver creek
This may look like a walk in the park ....
Brad at the olemiss
Brad took an hour off the slopes to catch the Rebels winning the Cotton Bowl
Brent showing his boarding skills
Brent at the terrain park showing off his boarding skills
Brent Weltner snow boarding
Saturday Brent had lots of powder to work with as it snowed another 5 inches
Brent finishing his run
Brent finishing his run
Weltner's in Christie's lodge room
Our bungalow at Christie's Lodge in Avon CO
Christie's Lodge in Avon Coi
A view of the Hotel with Beaver Creek in the background
At the Kindvatter's
Rachel Kindsvatter demonstrating play station techniques to Brent and Ariana
Kyle Daley and Brett Kindsvatter
Brett and the kids enjoyed some play station action
Ariana Daley
Ava Kindsvatter cheering on Brent
David Daley
Photographer David
Brian and Stephanie Kindsvatter
Our Sunday host Brain and Steph



We're back from Vail / Beaver Creek. Made it back to McKinney around 11:30 Sunday night. I'll update with Sharon's photo's and provide more detail hopefully this evening. Below are from Doug when we had dinner over at their place.

Emilee Weltner in middle
The entire gang at Doug's - Emilee Weltner next to Anne and Abbey
All the kids
All the kids plus Jeff - Matt and Thomas (Brad's friend from McKinney)