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Wednesday I had my little day surgery. Thursday morning was painful but after an hour or so with the little help from a few pills everything has been all down hill. Missed posting this for DEW's birthday but HBday as well as the twins!

dew shower as kid



We spent XMASS in KC at Sue Sue and Pappas house. Brad Floyd and I drove up in his rental while Sharon, Brent and Kyle came up in her car with Maggie and Chloe. Brad and I drove to Santa Fe NM to go skiing and Sharon arrived safely back in McKinney.

ed and the boys at moms park

sue brad and kyle walk the dogs

family at suesue and pappas

brad readying up to board

brad at skii lift

brad coming down boarding

floyd hiking with stevefloyd in snow

another group snow shoeing


Happy Anniversary

ed sue wedding photo


Guess whose birthday ..... his most famous words are "where's that gum grandpa" which could be heard just before his first single recording on a 45

it is!rjw




Brent LAX team had a tournament (Lonestar Shootout) this last weekend. They did a great job and finished in 2nd place. In the semi's we defeated Hilcrest which is typically the best team in their division. Brent scored in several of the games ... I lost count but it was something like 1 per game.

Here some more web shots of Brent which can be ordered online from our team photographer! For those of you interested in a printed copy you can order online from the site: www.jennifersantosphotography.com

Go to "Recent Event Photos" on right of screen ..... password is "lonestar" ,,,, I think 8x10 are just $10

lax brent 1

lax brent 2

This one scored ... you can see the ball just to the right of goalie's shoulder.

lax brent 3


brent lax 5

brent lax 5


Sharon left early this morning to catch a flight to Columbus OH where Rick will be picking her up, They will then head up to Aurora and go to Grandma Truce services who passed over the weekend. Obituary for Helen

We didn't end up picking out the Infinity below. Sharon's decided that she really like / wants a BMW X3 so we are are hunting for one of them.


Sharon's new ride. Picking it up tomorrow from Texas Motorcars of Addison. It's an 04 but just 45k on it in excellent condition. Murano has been great lasting 150k miles. Infinity RX35

sharons new car infinity rx35

infinity rx35 rear


Here some more web shots of Brent which can be ordered online from our incredible team photographer!

For those of you interested in a printed copy you can order online from the site: www.jennifersantosphotography.com

Go to "Recent Event Photos" on right of screen ..... password is "lacrosse" ,,,, I think 8x10 are just $10

brent lax 1

brent lax 4

brent lax 5


Long overdue update to the site .... !!!!

Brent's been busy applying to various colleges and taking his SAT/ACT's. I think his top choices so far are Univ Texas , Texas A&M, OleMiss, Alabama, Arkansas and Nebraska. Others he's still considering include TCU ($$), Kansas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Kansas would probably be his top choice but it's one of the more expensive options even with them awarding him the top Jayhawk Generations (other than TCU). He should or has gained acceptance to all of them based on his recent SAT. Texas being the exception which I think he has to wait until spring. We are also weighing in the Honors College & Scholarships afforded to him which likely will make OleMiss, Nebraska and Alabama the most cost effective options .... or at least in my opinion :-)

Brad's started his new job at OrgSyc a Dallas based software solution provider and Kyle has been very busy at Stover Electrical on various projects in McKinney.

Brent's Fall Lacrosse season has started. This weekends tournament was in McKinney where they won 2 on Saturday and lost their lone game on Sunday. This years team only has 4 seniors so it figures to be a tougher season for them.

Here's a photo of Brent's sideline save between the legs flipping the ball back inbounds.

brent weltner lacrosse between the leg save




For last few weeks I’ve been driving by the local DMV office in hopes of not standing in a line that runs ½ way around the building. Oh well it was the last day before I started driving illegally so I bit the bullet on Friday and got inline at 1:30 PM. The line was maybe or twenty or so deep outside the door and another 40 or so inside the building. It was 106 degrees out but we were in the shade (haha). After about an hour I was finally was inside the building and thank god didn’t drop dead from heat exhaustion. Around 3:30 I made it to the final step where you get to wait while seated. Around 4:30 my number was called. Provided the guy my expired DL, took my photo and scanned in my thumbs. Finally done …. Wait just a minute not really there’s a problem!!!!!
They (Texas DMV clerk) ask me if I have ever lived in NC …. No. Well mister the State on NC has a hold on your DL in the National Driver Register NDR and you can not renew your license until its cleared here’s their phone number to call. Huh what … do I have to wait again what is this!!!!!

As it turns out in 1992 I was issued a speeding ticket in Greensboro NC for doing 69 in a 55. I had hired one of those law firms to get my tickets fixed. I’ll never know what they did or didn’t do but to the best of my knowledge I paid them and they had paid my fine.

Never really thinking about it again until 10 years ago (2001) when it came up during that renewal. As I recall I had to spend hours on the phone and finally got a letter (see cut past below) from the from the Greensboro NC Clerk of Courts whom agreed that I likely paid back in 92. Of course being the government they had purged all their records previous to 94 so the clerk had no way to really track. In any event the Clerk of Courts sent me the letter (thank god I saved it on my PC) and the State of TX DMV renewed my DL in 2001. What I found out this week is Greensboro forgot to purge the NDR database and notify the NC DMV. So for the last 10 years this has still been in my record.

greensboro nc clerk of courts

It gets crazier – Today I speak with the NC DMV explain the situation and offer to send them a copy of the 2001 letter from the Greensboro Clerk of Courts. The NC DMV official tells me that even though I have the letter their database still shows a 2001 release date and that I have to pay a $50 fine and a $36 processing fee.



Congrats to Sharon for making it to 39 ... On her day she went out and chased the little white ball around with her new sticks.

bday present


Rick Daley (Sharon's younger brother) is publishing a new book. Here are the details:

THE MAN IN THE CINDER CLOUDS is currently available through CreateSpace (https://www.createspace.com/3577593), and will be on Amazon.com in 5-7 business days.  A Kindle version should be out in about 2 weeks.  (Pricing is $9.99 for the print version, Kindle will be $4.99 once it's released)

If you have any friends you can recommend the book to, I'd appreciate it!  And don't worry about it being a Christmas book or kid's book...it's a thrilling read for any age in any season.

P.S. Here's the book description:

The freezing temperature is the only thing cool about Jason’s trip to the North Pole, but things heat up when his father discovers a book buried deep in the ice.  This is no ordinary book, mind you. For starters, it was written by an Elf. And if that’s not enough, the book proves the existence of Kris Kringle—you know, Santa Claus.

Born human but abandoned as a baby, Kris is rescued by Elfs and grows up among them…but he doesn’t really fit in. Kris embarks on a quest to find his true family among the humans by delivering presents on Christmas day. But there’s a catch: the High Council of Elfs is convinced humans are wicked at heart, and Kris can’t return to his Elfin home unless he can prove otherwise.

His journey takes him all the way to the legendary Great Northern Glen, and from there to the town of Oldenton, where he finds two orphans who are about to lose everything they have to a greedy uncle. With only days before Christmas, Kris must try to help the kids, deliver his presents, find his family, and prove that human virtue does exist…even in the most unexpected of human hearts.


Sharon and Brent Ecuador pics link.


Happy Fathers Day 2011 !

More mission Ecuador photo's














Typical white trash hanging out at MAVS parade. Rumor is these two were later seen setting cars on fire/

mavs parade russ and brad weltner


Yesterday Kyle and I rode (MTB) Erwin Park. Kyle got me to do the entire ride roughly 90 minutes for me. It was hot but I got it done!

Tonight Dirk becomes a legend when the Mavs take out the Heat .... I hope! Sharon and Brent get back tomorrow at 5ish. Looking forward to having them home!

This is a great video someone did of the Erwin Park MTB ride



21st Birthday Man!




Mission Ecuador 2011


The eagle has landed!!! All BAGS arrived!!

gmc with the mission stuff getting loaded

more dfw

at dfw


more dfw



Sharon and Brent are heading to Ecuador .... following link to what they will be doing


On Saturday Brent and I met up with Brad, Brittany, Russ, Karen, Mom and Dad at Sfuzi’s in uptown for brunch to celebrate Brittany’s graduation from SMU. Congratulations Brittany for a job well done!

brit's graduation brunch with all at sfuzis

After loading up Brittany’s items Sue and Ed headed up to McKinney. Sunday we had Brunch at Spoon’s on the McKinney Square. Sunday afternoon we grilled over at the house. Sue and Ed are heading back to KC this morning.

mckinney square brent kyle sue ed

sue and sharon yard work


So this will be ton of happy's and congratulations!

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Birthday to Rich Daley and Emilee Weltner, Engagement Congratulations to Megan and Jeff Winters

Sharon's mothers day blog: Steve & I spent easily over 12 hours(each), laboring on the flower beds & rock border-etc...
Started Saturday around 10:30, finishing around 5:00ish... Over 3 tons of rock/boulders (Steve will confirm that #), 3/4 ton of crushed granite & 3 yards of mulch...What a project??!!!  I don't think my pictures do it justice, but it does look awesome...and we had many neighbors stopping today telling us the same...Kyle helped this afternoon, I just didn't have any extra in me, but Steve kept going ...I know he's exhausted... He did all the rock 'laying', however, I unloaded about 80% or more of the rocks yesterday-so my back/arms/butt are sore today!! But it feels great to have a workout that benefits both me and my yard!!  I hope to have my flowers all planted by midweek....

flower bed

flower bed 2

flower bed 3

flower bed 4

flower bed 5



Happy Birthday Brad :-) .... Sharon and him were going to find a new mattress. Brad and I played Westridge got 11 holes in before the rain knocked us out. Brent's team finished divisional play and are 6-1 which is 2nd in their Division. The first playoff game is on Tuesday (26th) versus Plano East whom we beat a few weeks ago 16-4. Assuming we win that then the next game would be Saturday against Keller and if seeding plays out then the rematch to our only loss (11-12) against Hilcrest on Sunday (5-1). Make it through those games then to Houston the following weekend for state championship.

Texas High School Lacrosse McKinney Games Schedule

state champs


Russ and his crew were in big D this weekend. On Friday we played Ridgeview Ranch CC in Plano

russ weltner at ridgeview ranch with steve

Sure glad I decided not to go and watch the Jhawks in San Antonio .... wow VCU. Had twenty people in my tournament and only one person had a single pic (UCON) making it. Brent's team went 1 and 1 last week. Our first loss came to a division 1 Plano West and our key player was out. Sharon completed the Marathon 13.1 miles!!!!

Steve was at the exit, after we/I passed the finish line, and had to go thru our check points..and snapped this pic

sharon at rock and roll marathon dallas tx

By this time I was FREEZING... Glad I had my long sleeve shirt tied around my waste and not thrown on the street, like others did....
Went straight to get my gear bag which luckily had a blanket in it from this morning too!!!

Arrived home in time to watch Kansas play rim ball- what a huge disappoint!!  I'm sure I jinxed them, as I did Steve's 'bracket' again this year and projected them to win..
Dumb me!!


McKinney Varsity Lacrosse Advances to 7-0 with win over Allen

McKinney traveled to neighboring Allen for a non-district game and posted an 8-1 victory in a very slow paced game. Allen controlled the opening face off but that was about it for the night. McKinney used a stiff defense to keep Allen spread out all night and hardly ever allowed a shot from the crease area. Senior Nate Clark started the McKinney scoring on the first shot of the game with shot past the goalies hip. Allen slowed the pace of the game by spreading the field and not forcing the offense. It was clear from the start they did not want to get in a run and gun game with McKinney. McKinney closed out the first quarter with goals by Jack McKane and a second Nate Clark goal for a 3-0 lead. The second quarter Allen continued to play slow and deliberate on offense. McKinney scored the only goal of the second quarter on a breakaway run by long pole Kevin Callis who fired a shot into the bottom left corner for the score for the 4-0 halftime lead. The 3rdquarter was slow paced just like the second and this time it was Allen scoring the lone goal of the quarter on a bounce shot over the goalies shoulder. McKinney finally woke up in the fourth quarter scoring 4 unanswered goals by forcing Allen to turn the ball over and picking up the pace. McKinney goalie Jacob Moran shut down Allen making 14 saves and clearing the ball in 26 out of 32 attempts in the game. McKinney also controlled the ground balls by picking up 18 compared to Allen’s 9. The McKinney scoring was lead by Nate Clark with 4 goals and one assist, Jack McKane 2 goals, one goal each by Brody Kovacs and Kevin Callis.   



McKinney Varsity Lacrosse Improves to 6-0

McKinney Varsity Lacrosse Rolls Over Stony Point

Stony Point from the Central Division (Austin) traveled to McKinney this past Saturday for a non-district game at MNHS. Stony Point coach Lewis Wright was well aware of the talents of 5 of the McKinney players as he had coached them on the  Adidas regional team last summer that travel to Maryland for the Adidas Summer Classic.

Senior Nate Clark took control of the game early scoring the first 5 goals for McKinney to Stony Points one. Stony Point did fight back cutting the score to 6-4, but then midway in the second half McKinney took control and went on to post a 15-8 victory. Clark finished the game with 8 goals and 2 assist, Jack McKane also added 2 goals and an assist, Tyler Kovacs, Johnny Santos, Brent Weltner, and Jack Tighe also scored a goal apiece.

Stony Point middie #4  Brad Johnson provided most all of the offence for Stony Point and at the start of the 4thquarter McKinney Coach Brendan Carney gave defenseman Josh Davidson the job of shutting down Johnson. From that point on Johnson only touched the ball one time the rest of the game and never attempted another shot. McKinney defenders Alex Zywicki, Conner Wilcox, Will Nevotti also stepped up big in limiting the opposition’s ball move. Defensive midfields Shane Puckett and Matt Stein forced numerous turnovers that aided McKinney’s fast break opportunities. McKinney goalie Jacob Moran posted 16 saves in goal in the win.

McKinney is currently the #1 ranked Division II team in Texas and Lax Powers #2 RPI rated team in the country and #7 Computer Rated Team.

McKinney travels this Thursday to Allen for a 7:30pm game.

The McKinney JV was also victorious over the Stony Point JV by a 5-3 margin. After falling behind 0-3 in the first quarter McKinney fought back posting 5 un-answered goals.



Saturday Brent's LAX team defeated Stony Point 15-8 (I think). He had one goal and two assist. LAXPOWER has them ranked nationally as number 2 on the RPI and number 6 in the computer rankings.


Found a website link for those wishing to keep current on the Brent's McKinney League Standings


A few articles from the McKinney ... we also played last night and defeated Southlake Carroll 9-6. Brent had a great assist while splitting a pair of defenders. Southlake is a D1 school. Not to jinx things but we have a 5-0 start to the season

McKinney Lacrosse Varsity Runs Past Plano

 For the first time ever McKinney and Plano played a regular season lacrosse game tonight. Plano plays in the DI Division and McKinney in DII and as a result the teams have never met in a regular season game till tonight. The McKinney team came out fast scoring 4 goals before Plano could post its first. Using speed and ball movement the McKinney attack and middies ran past Plano all night long in posting an 11-2 victory. The McKinney defense lead by Conner Wilcox, Will Nevotti, Josh Davidson, Alex Zywicki, Shane Puckett, Matt Stein barely made a mistake all night. They constantly forced the Plano team to move the ball around the perimeter and hardly every allowing them to complete a pass to the crease area. The McKinney scoring was lead by Nate Clark with 5 goals and 2 assist, Brent Weltner with 2 goals and one assist, Jack McKane one goal and 3 assist, Ethan Deshaies and Tyler Kovacs each added a goal. Drew Campbell added 2 assist and Austin Spagnola one assist to round out the McKinney scoring. Jacob Moran was big in goal posting 9 saves and then quickly outleting the pass to move the ball up field.

McKinney next takes on Southlake another DI team on Thursday night at 7:30pm at Al Raushhaupt Park and then on Saturday at 3pm they will host Stony Point from Austin at McKinney North High School

McKinney Lacrosse Sweeps Austin Teams

This past weekend the McKinney Varsity Lacrosse team traveled to Austin for three games. On Saturday afternoon they played St. Michaels and posted a 9-1 win. McKinney used a balanced scoring attack with two goals and one assist a piece by Nate Clark and Brody Kovacs. Jack McKane, Tyler Kovacs, Ethan Deshaies, Jack Tighe and Brent Weltner each tossed in a goal to finish out the scoring. The defense lead by long poles Josh Davidson, Conner Wilcox, Will Nevotti, Alex Zywicki, and D-middies Shane Puckett and Matt Stein, and was big in this game really limiting the shoots on goal. Jacob Moran provided 7 saves and Conner Burke added 4 saves while splitting the goalie duties.

Then Saturday evening McKinney traveled down the road and played their second game of the day against St. Andrews. The McKinney offence jumped out fast and again put a number of players in the scoring column. Nate Clark lead the way with 6 goals and one assist, Jack McKane added 4 goals and 3 assist, Tyler Kovacs 2 goals, Dakota Bell 1 goal and 1 assist, and one goal each from Satchel Million , Drew Campbell. Johnny Santos and Austin Spagnola also provide one assist each. Once again the defense played big as McKinney played a good portion of the game a man or two down due to penalties.

Jacob Moran provided 9 saves and Conner Burke 4 saves in goal as they again split the goalie duties.

Sunday morning with less the 14 hours rest the team then took on Lake Travis in what they knew would be a more difficult game. McKinney jumped out to a 4-1 lead but then a little fatigue set in and Lake Travis tied the game up 4-4. Following a time out McKinney then regrouped and pulled away to a 9-6 victory. McKinney’s scoring in this game was lead by Drew Campbell who posted 4 goals and one assist followed by Nate Clark with 2 goals and 4 assist, and one goal each from Ethan Deshaies, Tyler Kovacs, and Jack Tighe. Jack McKane also added an assist. The McKinney defense once again stepped up and put the stops on Lake Travis when they tried to come back a second time by not allowing the ball to enter the crease area and causing multiple arrant passes for turnovers. Jacob Moran added 10 saves in goal for McKinney. 


Steve is officially banned from Facebook on any of kids stuff .... long story but apparently FB is used to indicate dating status so to them single means someone is no longer dating .... FYI ... old farts interpret Single means someone is not married!

Snow is nearly gone from the streets. Brent and I will traveling to College Station for his Lacrosse Tournament while Sharon works with a buyer. Kyle is full-time doing his electrical apprentice gig and Bradley starts in another week.

GMC Sierra at Texas MotorCars

gmc sierra


It's really cold here sub -4 with the wind chill factor. Our fence blew over so Maggie and Chloe are having some friends over (Shiloh and Sampson)

iceday part one

iceday part 2


We bought it for $4,950 at the beginning of Brad’s senior year (Fall 05).  Yesterday, Brad sold it for $2,150 ….. wow ….  5 years of and 65,000 miles!  Just $560 a year or 4 cents per mile!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good but not quite as good as the deal Dad did for me back in 70’s with the Honda. A new 76 Civic from O’Neil Honda for $2,500 and 3 years later it was sold for $2,200 nearly its original price. A unique time in history, Japanese cars were developing into the premium mileage cars and hyper inflation (thanks to the Peanut Farmer).

Brad’s now driving my 06 Altima and I got a 08 GMC Sierra

RIP 1999 Mustang from Aug 2005 111k miles to Jan 2011 172k miles

brad weltner 99 mustang mckinney high


Article in Kansas City Star 1/22/2011

sue with challenger 1986 florida

A devastating moment, captured on film

Special to The Star

My wife, Sue, and I witnessed the Challenger disaster 25 years ago.

We were on vacation in Florida in 1986, staying in a condo on Hutchinson Island just south of Fort Pierce. We had never seen a space shuttle launch, so on Jan. 28 we made a special effort to observe the Challenger’s liftoff. We got up early that day; it was very cold, and the launch was delayed because of that.

While waiting, we drove north toward Cape Canaveral and then went to a park beach to watch the delayed launch. I took this picture of Sue, smiling as she would for any snapshot, just after the launch.

At that moment we didn’t realize there had been a problem — we weren’t sure what was normal. As we walked back to the car Sue said, “Gosh, that space shuttle sure seemed to go up quick.” I replied that it didn’t look quite right.

It wasn’t until we got in the car and turned on the radio that we realized we had witnessed a disaster. When we learned the seven astronauts, including teacher Christa McAuliffe, had been killed, Sue got very teary.

I recall lunch at a restaurant shortly afterward. The TV was on loud and everyone was watching. People were somber and sad.

This picture was shot on film, which wasn’t developed for several days. I had taken a series of pictures showing the liftoff but wasn’t sure what I’d gotten.

After I saw this picture, my reaction was “Wow.” I realized I had taken a special, rather historic photo.

The smoke cloud hung in the Florida sky all the rest of that terrible day.


So sad :-( the streak stopped at 69

Brent was invited to attend Morp at McKinney High .... don't know any of the details or names as they will not share this information with Dad's

brent weltner at mckinney morp

brent mckinney high morp


Back up in operation for website ... PC disk crash and had to reload everything :-(