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Other Interest :


Sailing - Current sailboat is kept at Grandpappy's Marina on Texoma. Below is the Lancer Powersailer brochure of what it looked like back in 1983 :-). The lower photo is taken in 2007. The boat still remains without a name but rumor has it that it will get "BLOWME" as the official name. We have invested over $3,000 in Blow Me .... don't laugh she sails and was paid for in cash by myself and two other partners.

sailboat blowme
Steve with Sailboat


Backpacking - Kyle and I went on our near annual backpacking adventure. In 2007 we decided on a trip to Colorado near Westcliffe in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness area. Below is the trail map to Venable Lake where we spent the evening and trail to the saddle and summit. I made it to the top of the saddle Kyle summited on Venable Peak.

Venable Trail Map

Trip Summary : Trail head at 9,700' - Lake Campsite at 12,000' - Venable Pass 12,800' - Venable Peak 13,334'

venable trailhead steve and kyle

On our first day at the trail head for Comanche and Venable on August 10th 2007.

Kyle backpacking

Steve Packing up to lake

Kyle and me on the way up to Venable Lake.

Venable Lake

Venable Lake at 12,000' with our campsite near the banks of the lake looking back over the valley we had just climbed up.

Kyle up to Venable Pass

Kyle on Saturday morning as we near Venable Pass.

Steve Summits on Pass

Steve makes it to Venable Pass at 13,000'


Kyle going for Venable summit at 13,334 and makes it! The old man wimped out and watched him.

Kyle Atop Venable Pass

Kyle at Venable Pass.