Old News 2008


Merry Christmas

We opened presents this morning. I think everyone got socks, under armour and fleece jackets. Sounds like a family getting ready to go skiing or snowboarding Dinner was our traditional Turkey and Ribs. Talked with Kyle while he was getting on the lift and trying out his new board.

sharon at tennis christmas party
Sharon and her tennis pals


Kyle arrived late Thursday. Friday we ran to Dick's and picked up some fleece sweats and snowboarding pants. I think our total bill was less than $50 which wasn't too bad. We had a nice steak dinner Friday evening. Kyle found a good deal on a Snowboard while surfing the net so he's got something a little better than the $30 board dad bought him. Today I dropped him off at DFW and its back to the mountains.

Brent had a basketball tournament and they did win a game by 30 or so against Farmersville where he scored a season high of ten. Brad finished finals on Friday and was going to Jackson MS for the weekend. He should be back by Monday or Tuesday.

Kyle's new board
SIMS Source Board will be finding the slopes soon as it arrives



Congratulations - Brad Weltner is the Treasurer of the PIKE house at Ole Miss

Following the footsteps of his grandfather (Ed Weltner) whom was the treasurer for SAE House at the KU in 1950 just a short time ago :-)

Brad Weltner at Pike Ole Miss
Brad Weltner at Pike Hose Ole Miss



The Arrowhead Massacre- Jayhawks Win!

KU Wins


Brad headed back to Ole Miss today. A few photo's with him and Brent. Plus a Bonus photo!

Brad taking care of his little brother Sharon was so lucky to have Brad bring home his laundry
Brad holds Brent Mom got to do his wash
The Ole Miss gang .... Rebels are 8-4 ??? Cotton Bowl ? Left Mario hits 3 ... lower 40 to 37 ... Bonus Photo
Brad and Brent Steve plays like Desmon


The Lawrence Massacre

Go Jayhawks & Always Remember... August 21st 1863

Lawrence Masacre
Quantrill's Raid



What a mellow Thanksgiving..

Steve, Brent & myself.. Brad decided to head to Austin to visit his old high school friends and go to the UT game.. Decided to wait to do Turkey until tomorrow- since Brad likes it, and Brent doesn't. Instead I spent time in the kitchen, making Pizza Bread & Monkey Bread(Brent's favorite)... Also opted for a chocolate cake instead of Pumpkin Pie...

Decided people eating, and enjoying what they are eating -outweighs tradition. Gorgeous weather here- ended up in the low 70's and so far we have not seen the predicted rain. Good for me to have mellow- as I had a steroid shot in my lower back on Tuesday, so laying low is what the doctor ordered anyway. Feeling a bit of the nausea side effects, and tired during the day. Of course that is probably because I'm not being active?! Just hope it did the trick! Steve and Brent had a little ping pong tournament during the day.

I'm not sure if Steve will edit this or not, but Brent did cinch the championship with only one loss to his dad... (PS I'm contesting his victory as I won the game we played when I played with the good paddle:-D. Brent won the others while I played with sandpaper)

Take this you little brat What!!! .. that was in ... Brent cheats
pinpong turkey day pingpong2
Excellent Ping Pong form Young grasshopper learning from master
pinpong3 young grasshopper

We missed being in KC for Thanksgiving .... Ed the Photos were great!

gordon rock amber heather weltner
meg anne weltner doug and ed weltner
doug and anne sara jeff meg
doug russ karen heather amber ed sue
emilee weltner abbey brit russ and karen family


Brad got home from Oxford on Friday. He went up to Sherman on Saturday to hang with Brett at Austin College. Doug and Anne paid a visit to Kyle and took him to lunch. Kyle completed training and opening day is this Wednesday. I drove to Houston this weekend with Brent for his Lacrosse tournament. They won 2 and lost 1.

Brent getting ready....at the LaQuinta parking lot

brent gets ready for the game brent in parking lot of hotel

Brent and Will discuss tactics .... Brent plays defense
brent and will brent as defender


Brent is now officially 15. He originally got a CPU upgrade for his PC but that has already been returned. I offered him a sailboat ride but he didn't seem to think that was much of an idea. I'm sure he'll think of something he can get or do.


KU had the most points in the intrastate rivalry in a victory over the KSU pussy cats since 1947. We'll need to ask Pappa which team he thinks was better the 2008 or 1947 Jayhawks :-). OleMiss beat Auburn and they appear to be making a run for some bowl.



Pappa wanted to buy Kyle some winter working boots for his job at the lifts! So we hopped into the car to head to REI in Plano ... then drove to Dick's in Frisco ... then to REI's in Dallas .... After $6 in tolls roughly 80 miles in the car and 3 hours later we had the perfect pair!

Thanks Pappa! Kyle will appreciate them!

kyle sorel boot



Thursday SueSue and Pappa got in town and went with us to Brent's Football. We won the game by two touchdowns. Brent was QB for several series and had a 45 yard pass to the one yard line, however there was only a minute left and coach had him take a knee. We all yelled and jeered at our head coach demanding his immediate resignation or termination !!!

Friday SueSue and Pappa went for a short ride a cross town (about an hour :-)) to see Charlotte and her new house in Ft Worth. Then they drove to University Park for dinner with Brittany. I met up with them Friday afternoon. OK it was evening by the time I made it .... traffic can be a little rough on a Friday afternoon in Dallas. Sorry about being 45 minutes late. Dinner was great and the price was even better! Thanks Pappa!!!!

Saturday was game day for Brent's Lacrosse Team and Loser Day for the Jayhawks. Brent's team won one and loss the second. As previously mentioned Brent's officially moved from JV to Varsity and has settled in as defender.

The man standing tall ......... getting mauled by his fans!

brent weltner lacrosse sue and ed weltner give grandson a big welcome

Pappa doesn't think it looks that hard! maybe a KC over 80's league?......... The freshman prodigy basking in the glory

ed with the dfenders stick brent and sue



Sharon's up in Tulsa for a friend's 50th Birthday. Yesterday I completed the banister on my walkway to the man cave. Later Brent and I watched the Jayhawks with an anticipated loss to OU. The good news is Missouri lost so KU is still in first for the B12-N with a decent shot at playing them for a birth in the B12 title game giving KU an outside chance of making back-to-back BSC bowls.

Brent decided to move over to defender and is now playing some on Varsity Lacrosse team. His freshman football team got a win last week! He's still playing a little QB but most of his time comes from the other side of the ball as Linebacker. Brad's been busy with midterm's and formal rush. During rush he ran into Crosby Butler from our old neighborhood in Frisco. Kyle's getting ready for his career as a lift operator.

Brent and his morning pancakes ...... Brent at his Varsity Lacrosse tournament

brent eats pancakes brent in lacrosse


Turning '50'- or at least celebrating a friend turning '50' is a blast!! I spent the weekend outside of Tulsa (by about 45 minutes). Our good friends/ole Frisco neighbors moved to Oklahoma a few years ago. They purchased a 'lake house' but did a total remodel on it. What incredible views they have!! And they did an awesome job on the remodeling! The girls weekend started on Friday afternoon (we arrived about 3:00)... Had an awesome evening of visiting, dinner, etc ...Saturday was a blast-started with going in town for a few 'staples', then an afternoon on the lake... Weather couldn't have been better!

My favorite photos from the weekend::

Anne Hunter with her walker ......... view from the back of Robbie and Lisa's porch!

anne hunter walker 50th view from robbie lisa's lake house

Men get to stand ......... Sharon relaxing
girls girls girls sharon head hurting



Sharon's up in Tulsa for a friend's 50th Birthday. Yesterday I completed the banister on my walkway to the man cave. Later Brent and I watched the Jayhawks with an anticipated loss to OU. The good news is Missouri lost so KU is still in first for the B12-N with a decent shot at playing them for a birth in the B12 title game giving KU an outside chance of making back-to-back BSC bowls.

Brent decided to move over to defender and is now playing some on Varsity Lacrosse team. His freshman football team got a win last week! He's still playing a little QB but most of his time comes from the other side of the ball as Linebacker. Brad's been busy with midterm's and formal rush. During rush he ran into Crosby Butler from our old neighborhood in Frisco. Kyle's getting ready for his career in Colorado as a lift operator.

Brent and his morning pancakes ...... Brent at his Varsity Lacrosse tournament

brent eats pancakes brent in lacrosse


Some of you may have been wondering whether Brad had been using his camera. Well yes he has see the link ----> Ole Miss showing the Preacher

Hotty Toddy - Ole Miss 31 Florida 30 .... big day for Brad in more ways than one.

Brad went with one of his PIKE brothers John Croce and fell 15,000'.

brad weltner free falling

John Croce and Brad before ...... ready to go in their jump suit

john croce and brad weltner Brad weltner in his jump suit

Brad jumping out .... hey aren't you suppose to go feet first?
brad at 15000 feet Brad lands safely

Back to earth .... and he survived!

brad at 15000 feet Brad lands safely


Happy Birthday DAD!


Today we started out with a road trip through Red Cliff and up to a stream underneath Homestead Lake. There we had lunch and it was time to go jeeping. The willing soles for the Jeep tour were SueSue, Pappa, Steve with Doug the tour guide. We went up and up and up the jeep trail named McAllisters Gulch Road (I'm not sure I would call it a road) to the top of Hornsilver Mountain. Then Doug our reliable tour guide decided there would be an easy way down NOT! He was suppose to find some nice little cutoff instead we climbed to the top of Resolution Mountain where the road ended at a cliff and the only way back the same radical hill we had just scaled. We made it back to the bouncy jeep trail and finally back out to the paved roads.

Doug Fly Fishing our stream...... the girls at our lunch spot

Doug Weltner fly fisching Karen Anne and Sue Weltner by the creek

The group photo at our picnic site ... We took a long Jeep ride to the top see tour guide Doug w/ Sue & Ed

Group at Picnic Site Jeep Drive with Doug SueSue and Pappa

Steve making a call from the top..... look who's taller!

Steve Doug and Sue Weltner Ed Steve and Doug Weltner


The Fishing Expedition down the Colorado River. Doug had his regular fishing guide Ed and his partner Barry from Allentown PA. We (Doug, Russ, Steve and Dad) hit the river around 10:00 AM and finished around 3:00 PM. It was wonderful and is it should be Pappa Weltner scored the most fish. We primarily scored brown trout with a few rainbows.

Starting out from L to R Steve - Doug - Russ - Ed ...... Barry the guide with Steve and Ed

all the weltner boys starting out steve dad and barry our guid

Doug Fly Fishing with Russ in the back ... One of Ed's many catches of the day!

Doug and Russ's boat pappa's fish

Steve showing some casting skills ..... while Pappa shows off his catching skills

Steve Fishing ed weltner's big catch

Little lunch and relaxation .... while Ed explains another fishing story

lucnh pappa explaing size

Steve demonstrates that its not always about the size of the fish .... final photo at the end of a wonderful trip!

steve big fish end of the trip with all the weltner's


Some photo's from Vail Colorado celebrating Pappa's 80th Birthday.

Photo's after lunch in Vail

steve, doug, russ & ed weltner russ doug ed and steve weltner

Standing Sue - Anne - Steve - Amber Sitting Doug - Ed - Russ - Karen

the weltner gang at pepis in vail co


We had a marvelous time in Oxford. We left McKinney around 4:30 AM Saturday and arrived by lunch. Got to the grove about 2:00 and mainly hung with/at Austin's family tent. Headed to the game and watched the Rebel's dismantle Memphis. After the game we got a tour of both the Sigma Chi & Pike house. Our hotel (Day's Inn) was in Batesville. Sunday morning made a trip with Brad to Office Depot for a computer desk and of course the joy assembly of it. We left Oxford about 3:00 pm arriving back in McKinney around 10:00 PM.

Brent and his buddy Drake .... Brad's Kitchen with Austin and Tripp (roomies)

Drake Harris and Brent Weltner left to right Austin Tripp and Brad in kitchen

Brad Kitchen and Family room

brads kitchen at olemiss tv at brads place

Drake and Bent getting some chicken at Abner's

drake eating abners brent eating abners

Brad in his Bedroom with computer desk ... The roomies R to L Austin - Tripp - Brad

brad in his room with new computer desk brad austin tripp

Drake some beauty sleep .... Brent and Drake at the Game

drake sleeping brent and drake

1st and 10 OLEMISS ..... Time to celebrate the big win down the street from Brad's

ole miss game brent watches on at the party goers




Brent and Dad are heading to Oxford to see Brad and watch OleMiss play Memphis. We'll post the photo's on Monday. Go Rebels


Brent's first day at McKinney High!

Brent riding to McKinney High ... walking in for his classes

brent riding to first day MHS Brent walk into Mckinney High School



Sharon and Brent got back an hour late on Friday. They seemed to have a great time as always in HH. Brent has decided to go for another year of football and starts practice on Monday as a Freshman at McKinney High. Kyle has his friend Paul Palagans from Boise Idaho staying over. Brad seems to be doing well in Oxford and I think starts school in another week.

Photo's below of Brent and Sharon's trip to Hilton Head.

brent and max daley in hh
brent and max and vic daley at dinner in hh
brent and rick daley in hh
brent at beach w/ vic and max
brent max and vic at beach
brent and rick playing guitar
sharon with vic
brent max and vic daley at rich's house in hh



Happy Birthday to Sharon she's XX old ... and don't forget my birthday is coming up on the 26th :-)


Sharon and Brent are in Hilton Head for the week. See Rich's website for the latest photo's. Brad's in Oxford, leaving Kyle and I in McKinney. We went to see Batman. Great movie but be prepared to be there as its a 21/2 hours long. All should be proud as I stayed awake for the entire movie.

Picked up the Altima from the dealership where they took care of a recall and I had them change the oil. Dealership wanted to replace the front break pads for $275. Sounded like too much so Kyle and I took it over to the new Just Brakes franchise in McKinney. Over the phone the quoted $90 with a lifetime warranty. Dropped it off around 12:00 they called back by 3:00 telling me too pick it up but that they didn't see the need to change the pads. Saved me a few bucks. I'm having them check out Sharon's Murano.



100!! I like that number much better on US Currency, Brent’s school work, Brad’s school work, etc!..... But our thermometer is stuck on it, and even a few degrees higher. Yuk it is warm/hot and muggy here!!

We had a surprise visit from Kyle ‘baby’ Niehaus!  Kyle is one of Brent’s longtime friends from Frisco that moved to Colorado a few years ago. The boys had a great few days re-catching up on each others lives.  We did the ole standby LaHacienda- our favorite Mexican restaurant!! 

Then, since we live in a uniquely small world…. Steve went to Las Vegas for a trade show/work.  And guess who he runs into?  Yep- Rick Daley!  Now, what is wrong with this picture is that Angie & I were home with the kids and darn that would’ve been a fun get-a-way!! Other than that, we spend time wiping the sweat out of our eyes.  I’m looking forward to my trip to Hilton Head in a few weeks.


Brent rides on Horse
brent with kyle niehaus


Pappa and SueSue picked up Kyle Owens and Brent from camp today and sounds like they had a great time. According to Pappa he has big plans for the boys this weekend including visiting the various art museums certainly keeping them well entertained until they return home.

What's the difference in a year - I'll help ... a NC Trophy ... Brent's a little longer in height & shorter in hair!

bill and brent 07 bill self and brent at ku camp

Nice mohawk dude ... I'll be Coach Self was impressed!

brent at bill self's camp brent weltner at bball camp bill self with brent weltner

Danny Manning works on the coaching staff with Kyle and Brent doing a drill.

danny manning at ku basketball camp
kyle owens and brent weltner in line drills at ku camp

SueSue and the boys along with Pappa's new car.

kyle brent and sue at ku camp
ed's new car


Do you remember your first car? I do it was a big day! I remember Russ getting the Korean War Willy's Jeep in a neat shade of Green. Wonderful practical investment by Ed which only required hand made parts. Doug and I shared the white Jeep until he bought Dad's olds 88. Brad got the Intrepid later to be replaced by the Mustang. Today was a big day for Kyle with a new, well new for him, 2001 Ford Taurus. Every teenager wants one of these four door vehicles in hot white. All the fun aside it's in excellent exterior condition and with some care he'll keep it that way!

Kyle Weltner Ford Tarus 1st car Kyle Weltner Ford Taurus 2001

Sharon and Kyle picked up the car this afternoon at Bankston Ford. Clean with full tank of gas and a nice set of tires.

ford taurus 2001 kyle weltner Kyle Weltner Ford 1st car


This weekend drove up to KC and dropped Brent off for Bill Self's Basketball Camp. We visited KC first with dinner at Uncle Doug's. Russ, Karen and Britney were there as well as Doug, Anne, Emilee and Abby. We stayed at Mom and Dad's Saturday night before driving up to Lawrence on Sunday morning. Brent recruited a few friends including Kyle Owens who rode up with us and flies back with Brent. Sunday we arrived in Lawrence around 11:00 AM meet up with Megan for lunch at Jefferson's on Massachusetts for lunch. Quinn Murray and his dad Craig flew in at the last minute from Dallas to meet up and got to Bill's camp. I started the 8 hour drive (500 miles) back to McKinney around 3 PM and arrived home at 11:30. Driving back listened to the US open updates and the live Boston & LA game for my company and enjoyment.

Brent Weltner & Kyle Owens at PV's Weltner Park Brent and Kyle Owens in the Feildhouse PArking lot

Brent with Kyle Owens pay tribute to Weltner Park in Prairie Village KS. Brent and Kyle in the parking lot of Allen Field house.

Brent Kyle and Quinn Murry at Allen Feild House BRent in line of bill self bball camp

Another photo in the parking lot of Allen Field house with friend Quinn Murray of McKinney TX

BRent getting autograph of Quintrell Thomas Brent by Cole Aldrich

Brent, Kyle and Quinn getting some autographs of the KU Baller's. Brent with KU's big man Cole Aldrich


Wow, it is really hard to believe that Brent is done with middle school and will be a Freshman in High School?  It seems like yesterday that Bradley was there, and now he’s going to be a Junior at Ole Miss!?!  How time flies when we are all having fun!

We are off to a busy start!  Bradley is in Austin/TX living with some friends and he just got a job at a country club (was home this weekend, getting clothes & shoes).  He has another interview this afternoon for some extra spending $$.  Working 2 jobs will be good for him!

Brent left this morning for church camp, will get home late, late Thursday evening and leave early,early Saturday morning for KU Basketball Camp!  He has 2 McKinney friends going with him this year- and I think the ‘dads’ are as excited as the kids to meet the National Champs!

Kyle is hanging in there, working for an electrician (my friends husband) as needed.  Good money, hard work! Kyle and Steve are looking for a car and hopefully can find a bargain. Steve is still working on his web stuff and I’m just waiting for the flood gates to open.  I have 3 out of town buyers that have homes on the market-but can’t do anything until their homes sell first.  I’m working with a big buyer ($800k+) but they are not in a rush, and we are searching for ‘the’ home.

My listings seem to just sit right now, hopefully something will happen soon- as it has been a long, long time since I’ve had this much idle time?!  Good for the tennis game, but not helping the home front much! We’ve been so lucky to have Rick & Ken come thru on business!  How awesome for me to get to see my family!  Doug came thru recently too- and Steve got to visit with him, and will see most of the KC crew this weekend! I’m trying not to blink my eyes, as I just know that when I open them summer will be gone!


Happy Birthday Kyle 18 years!


Brad's home and officially a Junior at Ole Miss in Accounting. Congratulations to him! I got back from my business trip to Scottsdale AZ and Orange County CA. Gave three presentations while struggling with a sore throat .... must have sounded like a frog. I've never really struggled with allergies but something got me when in Phoenix which is where I thought they sent folks to get better. According to a native those days are over as all the transplants brought with them their favorite pollen producing plants.

My new Hobby seems to have worked well ... got an associates Lawn Care Dallas rankings in Google to number #1 hit in Google for the words "lawn weed rockwall" and in the top 10 for "lawn weed dallas". If only I could get Sharon's Real Estate Agent McKinney in a top 10. It would help if any family members web site's would make sure the link to Sharon's web site. Please do this on the main index page as follows Real Estate Agent McKinney with hyperlink to URL:

Real Estate Agent McKinney

and or add

Real Estate Agent Collin County

Please let me know if anyone has any friends or interest in a little work on their web sites .... specifically if they care to get ranked in Google and Search Engine Optimization. It can be done :-)


Amazing how once the state mandated tests are finished, they celebrate the end of the year almost a month early!? Friday night was Brent's 'graduation ceremony'... Dance after.. He was quite stylin' with the bow-tie... Friday school day was 'survivor' format with games and competitions all day. Brent was one of the team leaders, and hearsay from other mom's he had his team psyched and they had a blast (from warm up stretches to winning the games).

Bradley is officially done with his Sophomore year at Ole Miss!!! We are anxiously awaiting his arrival back to McKinney- but don't know how long he will be staying.

My first quarter was awesome, and the financing problems have really had an impact on our market. I have quite a bit of pending business, and even had a great sale almost under contract last week- when the builder actually had to pull out? Just going to be a weird year ??!

Steve's web business has all off work hours preoccupied. He is really enjoying the challenge- and seeing positive results (and pretty quick too!)..

Too all our family Mom's- Happy Mother's Day!! To Diane and SueSue- thanks for being 'you' and being an awesome Mom for me!!

Love to everyone! Sharon

Brent's Graduation below

brent weltner mckinney faubion graduation photo 1 brent weltner mckinney faubion graduation photo 2


Another cool photo with Brent and Steve during the Mario Miracle ...larger Mario Photo click here!

mario chalmer's miracle shot with brent and state blown up

Anne got this one a few days ago from a friend who wanted to share ... who is Abby lower left where is Emilee Weltner and rest of her sister's?

Abbey Weltner at F4 on the jumbotron



Click for Sharon's Relay for Life

Brent likes Lacrosse

brent weltner alamo final 4 brent weltner on face off
brent on the move brent on the attack



Happy Birthday Brad Weltner - 20 years ago at Dallas Medical Center!

Click for Doug & Anne's Final 4 photos

4/7/08 San Antonio and the Mario miracle!

Mario hits the miracle shot


Brent and I drove down Sunday for the Final Four. After checking into our Hotel we headed to meet up with Doug and the girls for dinner on the River walk. We got back to our Hotel by midnight.

D-Day – Monday morning an obligatory visit to the Alamo. Then off to the KU bar "Rita’s" on the River walk.  

brent weltner alamo final 4 weltner alamo final 4

Doug & Anne were present along with the girls (+Jeff & Matt) minus Emilee. Her flight was to arrive by noon Monday but was delayed by 4 hours. While partying at Rita’s Scott Pollard got his photo with Brent Douglas Weltner.

brent & scott pollard on the way to dinner

By 4:30 the crew headed over to Ruth Chris Steakhouse for dinner and still no Emilee. We were seated around 5 and shortly thereafter Emilee Weltner arrived for a wonderful meal. Also present for dinner was the DeGoler clan (Jay / Janie DeGoler + kids Caroline, David, Grace).

weltner degoler ruth chris brent going into final 4

Then for the game … up at half by 5 feeling good. Down by 9 with two minutes to play it was over. But wait we scored two then a three and all the sudden they miss four of five free throws. Chalmers throws up what looked like a prayer and it went down. Stadium went absolutely nuts and KU finished the deal in OT. It was an unbelievable experience being there and something neither of us will forget!

steve weltner at final 4 ku wins




4/2/08 More Photo's that Sharon had from this weekends games .... can you guess what number Brent is?

b weltner lcrs b weltner
b weltner weltner lxc


Rock Chalk Jayhawk .... BCS winners and a berth if the final 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davidson(10) Davidson 57, Jayhawk(1) Kansas 59

KU wins


On Saturday, Brent scores two goals while guiding the McKinney Lacrosse to critical victory over Coppell. On Friday, Brent finished 2nd in 110 hurdles for 8th grade boys. In photo below Brent is the player in blue to the right (#15 is Reed).

Brent Weltner McKinney Lacrosse


I went on a long business trip this week for Excel. First up was a show on Tuesday in Las Vegas then a conference for the rest of the week in San Diego at the Hotel Coronado. Brad and his friend Ieuan List meet me at the San Diego airport on Tuesday night for their spring break.

We stayed at the Catamaran Hotel on Pacific Beach which is the hip area for kids. They ran around on their own Wednesday through Friday doing various fun things that college kids do which included a visit to the San Diego Zoo. Friday evening we headed down to the Gas Lamp district and Saturday we all did a little sailing adventure in Mission Bay. The day was a little cold and not sure they were into it as much as Dad.

Saturday morning Brad and Ieuan ready for the sailboat boarding. Captain Steve is also ready to sail the 22ft Capri.

Brad Weltner and Ieaun Steve Weltner


Sailing away on Mission Bay CA. After done sailing we headed back to our Hotel which was connected to the Pier.

walking back sailing


The boys were so excited about having their photo's taken as indicated by the one finger salute. The final photo was taken on the boardwalk along Pacific Beach.


number 1 salute boardwalk pac beach


Jayhawks continued success with 3 straight tournament championship over Texas

KU wins big12 tourney




Rock Chalk Jayhawk - KU wins another Big 12 championship their fourth in a row and 51st in history. Looking forward to San Antonio :-)

KU wins Big 12


I'm so confused, I'm not sure where I am.  I thought blue skies and snow were paradise only found in Colorado?  But, I've been outside 3x and I'm really in McKinney Texas- Hahahaha....I will say it is beautiful this morning, but the weather that brought the snow was not fun to be in yesterday and I showed all day in it!  School is delayed 2 hours this morning, but by this afternoon all the snow will be melted away and it will be in the mid 50's..
Brent is in full lacrosse season, so far so good.  They won the first game 6-0 and tied the last 2.  I guess it's better than a loss! That's about it here- just work, work, work, clean, clean, clean.... Spring I'm sure is around the corner than I can add tennis to my routine!


Brent Lacrosse McKinney Snow


I am so bummed!  I have Brent on video doing the rubiks cube, but I can't get the file to send?  He told me we could put it on youtube then maybe you guys can check him out there?! This is one of his obsessions right now.  His best time is 1:39 (1 minute,39 seconds)  - may seem long to some, but when you see him in action it really is fast.  Nothing near any of the people that set records, but hey- he just started!  His next challenge is the 4 x4..  We heard from Bradley this week, and he is doing fine.  He has switched his major to ....drum roll...... Accounting!!!  He said Ole Miss has one of the best Accounting schools, and deep down I think he wants to be like his Uncle Ken!!  He did get a part time job, adding a little pocket/spending $$ so he doesn't always have to feel like his phone calls home are for more $$... Even though this is dreary Texas- I would like to challenge perfect Colorado on our last few days!  75 degrees, beautiful BLUE skies (can you believe we have blue skies too) and just a slight breeze!!  I will work today, but finish early enough to go play some tennis!!  The last 2 times I played, I got kissed by the sun!  (Meaning a little color on the pasty white skin)...

Brent Rubic Cube


Brent at OBBrent at OB

We won we won Jayhawks won the Orange Bowl. Brent and I flew in Wednesday evening to Orlando and drove to Miami on Thursday morning. We picked up the tickets from Kim (my baby sitter 30 years ago) & Bill. Arrived at the tailgate around 1:00 PM. It was like a carnival for the next 6 hours. Brent and I rode some rides, he climbed the wall and had his face painted. It was quite a job as it even impressed some KC news crew so yes he was interviewed.

Brent gets TV at OBBrent with Baby Jay

Click Video of TV Interview


Our seats were the 23rd row near the corner of the end zone. We were in the tickets Doug got us so right amongst the Jayhawks nation. We never sat during the game it reminded of the old days at a KU basketball game. In the first quarter Aqib picked it and went 60 yards for a touchdown. Right then I knew that we had a chance to win. Midway through the 2nd quarter we were up 17 points. The last part of the 2nd qtr and all 3rd quarter belonged to Virginia Tech as they closed the gap. But the Jayhawks pulled it out and we won. We stayed through all the trophy presentation then off to the car. We were giving Kim, Bill and Gordon Jr. a ride home from the game. All the guys went to the restroom and when we got out no Kim. After about 20 minutes or so looking around we found Kim in the parking lot near my car. No issues except for poor Bill as you know it had to be his fault he’s a guy for goodness sakes. We left the stadium around 1:00 AM … that’s right we were at the game and tailgate for 12 hours and we cherished every minute!

Steve at OBKim Rock and Gordon - Bill at OB


Brent and I got up the next morning in our 5 star hotel (not it was fleabag) and headed for Boca Raton where I had lined up a round of golf on a little executive 9 course. The weather was much better probably in the low 70’s. Once we completed the round we went to Lifetime Fitness after we cleaned up we drove to Orlando. Saturday morning it was off to Orange County National Golf Center for another 9 holes. Completed our round by noon and Brent wanted to do the Magic Kingdom. We got to the park around 12:30 paid the premium price of $150 bucks and were standing in the park ride lines by 1:00. I’m not a Disney kind-of-guy but Brent had only been when he was something like 1 year old so we did it. In the next 5 hours after we got our 20 minutes of 3 rides in and 4 hours and 40 minutes of lines standing. It was off to the Orlando airport for our lat evening flight back to Dallas. What a great getaway and thanks Sharon for letting me go and Doug for the tickets!

KU win OBSteve Weltner Plays Golf