Old News 2010


So better late than never .... Christmas recap:

We opened presents around noon then had family dinner (Turkey and Ribs). Sharon got a HTC EVO and Earrings, Brad got stuff for his Jan 3 Ski trip, Brent clothes and TV tuner for PC and Kyle $$ and clothes. I cashed in on underwear and socks :-)

xmas sharon brent

brad xmas

xmas 2010

Chiefs are in !!!!!!



Merry Christmas from PS

2010 weltner christmas - brad utd graduation


Brad Weltner has officially graduated with a BS in Business Administration from UTD!

Steven Bradley Weltner 2010 UTD

brad weltner at utd graduation

Sue presents Brad with a penney for luck

sue lucky penny

walking in

brad and dad walk in to utd

All done!!!

Brad infront of utd reflecting pond

Proud mama !!!

sharon and brad utd

Really ... Dad ...?

brad with gobber dad utd

After dinner

brad kyle and suesue


We (Brad - Steve and Brent) did a a road trip to Austin. Brad met up with Sparling to celebrate his graduation at UT and Brent had a LAX tournament. We (McKinney) were the Varsity DII Champs winning all 5 games !!!!!!

Brent Weltner at the Austin LAX tourney

Jon Michael Sparling at Graduation



A few photo's from our turkey day in KC .... and added the LAX newspaper article

brad and pappa

brad Emilee weltner

PS fixing the color


before ps




Going to Kansas City .... Here we come ... well at least Brad & Kyle are going. More photo's of tournament.


brent lax cy-fair

brent lax cy-fair

brent lax cy-fair


Photoshop of Brent thanks to Laura Lakey's Cy-Fair photo's

brent weltner cy-fair 2010


Sharon left Friday evening with Brent to Houston TX for the Cy Fair Lacrosse Tournament. THE MCKINNEY LACROSSSE CLUB ARE THE 2010 CHAMPIONS!


mckinney lacrosse varsity champion cy fair tournament 2010

mckinney wins lacrosse tournament cy fair



Trying out the new uniforms


camo pants


Inside out look


Gathering at the McKinney Tent


Needs a shaver for xmas


The trophy presentation


I thinks its the first trophy ever for the McKinney Varsity Club


The MVP Nate 33

mvp lax

The following is the coaches summary:

McKinney Varsity Lacrosse Dominates Cy-Fair Tournament

McKinney's varsity lacrosse team won the Cy-Fair Tournament over the weekend.

It started off the tournament on a slow note Saturday only leading Katy by a score of 1-0 at halftime, but then turned it on in the second half to post a 7-0 win.

In the second game Saturday afternoon against Taylor, McKinney took and early lead and cruised to another 7-0 victory.

For their game Sunday morning McKinney knew a win would earn them a playoff spot so they again jumped out to an early 4-0 lead shutting out St Michaels in the first half and then cruised to an 8-3 win.

In the semi final game vs Klein the McKinney offense of Nate Clark, Jack McKane, Jack Tighe, Austin Spagnolia, Tyler Kovacs, Drew Campbell, Ethan Desheis, Brent Weltner, Johnny Santos, Satchel Million overwhelmed their opponent scoring fast and often.

The defense of Conner Wilcox, Will Nevotti, Josh Davidson, Alex Zywicki, Mose Gumble, Shane Puckett, Matt Stein, Brian Hettish and goalie Jacob Moran shut down Klein and frustrated their players the entire game. In the end McKinney rolled to an 11-0 win putting a big variety of players in the scoring column.

Then in the tournament Championship game McKinney faced Clear Lake which some say is the pre-season favorite to win the South Texas District in the spring. As in the previous games McKinney jumped out fast and never looked back posting 7 goals before Clear Lake could get on the board. The McKinney team then went on to win the championship 12-3.

Tournament MVP Nate Clark posted 7 goals for McKinney in the game, but this was a weekend that every single player contributed from top to bottom, from the stellar defense to middies that just would not stop running and constantly forced turnovers, and an offense that moved the ball with precision.

Congratulations to the McKinney Varsity Lacrosse program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




We lost the 3rd and final game to a good Hillcrest team. Game was tied going into half and Hillcrest took over control in the 2nd half. Brittany went to the game with us and we had lunch at Keller's a local favorite.

For some reason this establishment in Mesquite wouldn't allow it's patrons to wear a mask??

Brittany and the no mask store

At Keller's Burger we had this server ... nice costume (Brent in his Halloween garb)

Brent in Halloween Costume

Brit sporting her new hairstyle




Sue and Ed are in for the Halloween Lacrosse tournament in Mesquite TX. We won our first game 10-2 against Frisco. In the second round we tied 4-4 Plano. If we win the noon game tomorrow we should make the semifinals.

halloween shoot out lacrosse brent weltner

brent and nate

coach for brent


Steve and Papa



Sorry I've not been keeping up on the website:-(

This weekend Brent had Lacrosse tournament where we won 2 out of 4 .... he did score in the 3rd game.

Brad has decided to walk stage for his UTD graduation on Dec 17th .... Sharon has the details

Wanted to try out youtube on the website with an embedment to this page. Here's the two summer Colorado trips. If anyone wants a DVD HD version let me now and I can burn you a DVD.

Youtube Version



Doug & Anne came to town and working with Sharon had a late surprise 50 bday

The surprise went as Sharon had planned - only a few glitches. First was our over-nite bag was packed and in my (Sharon's) car. We had a nice argument about driving, as he was ready to go in his car! I finally convinced him that I was not driving 'all the way' to Dallas to go to MY realtor dinner (the alibi) in his dirty car! Then, we arrived about 20 minutes early! I tried to get him to make a wrong turn to delay us a little, but he was too busy talking on the phone! So- into the bar we went- I wasn't sure if I could still keep it a surprise, as he asked the waiter 'where the builder event' was... I told him we were
early- hmmm? Maybe at the wrong restaurant too? I was busy texting 'the builders' AKA Doug/Anne... They finally found us & it was a successful surprise!! We had a great dinner, and went back to Aberg's awesome home to spend the rest of the evening chatting....
Steve & I headed back to McKinney about 7:15am... It was so great to see Doug/Anne!!!

50 surprise

Peter Steve and Doug

surprise 50

Sharon and Anne

50 surprise

50 surprise

Susan and Peter Aberg

50 suprise

The surprise committee

50 surprise

50 surprise

50 surprise



We arrived to the base of Mount Sherman and started hiking at 8:00am. Brad's sinuses wouldn't allow him to clear so around 9:30am he headed back to car. Going solo with about 30 other hikers around I made it to final ridge line at 13,700 feet roughly 300 feet to the summit. My real reason for turning back was the trail got a little to technical / narrow ... but I'm claiming a near summit since I was only 300 yards from it and that I felt bad for Brad hanging back at the car.

That's my story!!!!!

topomount sherman colorado

Mount Sherman with my estimated stop point

mount sherman co

Brad holding in the sinus pressure along the way up

brad hiking mount sherman

When we started it was about 45% with a few clouds

cloud caming in

Brad tried to keep going but the head ached too much


Brad made it to the last mine at roughly 12,800


The area had lots of abandoned mines .... this one was just below the saddle between Mount Sherman and Sheridan

Neraing the last mine

From the saddle looking upwards to Mount Sherman


Some other hikers coming up from saddle


Coming up from Saddle


Looking back to the valley ... Four Mile Creek


Nearing the ridge at 13,200


Others on this ridge


This was my stopping point roughly 13,700 .... I think the group in the photo was a group of high school


Looking back to Mount Sherman and the saddle


Looking back to Sherman

steve photos self

Same photo but with a dumb facial expression





Tomorrow Brad and I are heading out at 5:30 am to try to do my 14er summit of Mount Sherman for my 50th bday! Papa has agreed to loan us the car so that we can reach the parking area at 12,000'. We drive on highway 9 to Fairplay Colorado where we head up a four mile creek road a 2wd road but recommends a SUV for the clearance thus the need for Papa's car. The peak is 14,060 feet so assuming we can drive to the gate we should only be gaining 2,000 feet or so .... I'll post the results tomorrow evening .... wish us luck :-)

Here's a link to the trail description


Photography by Edward B Weltner on Colorado River near Kremling Co.

before raft trip kremling co

weltner's all in the raft

brad and sue rafting

ed and steve rafting

Photo's that PaPa took from the lake near Loveland Pass

Brad fishing

brad fishing

Ed and Sue enjoying by the lake

ed sue

The master fishing while Brad takes notes

steve fishing

Relaxing by the wonderful spot that Steve found!

steve brad sue


Added some more photos ... I'll come back later with the description

Topo of the hike

topo of quandary paek colorado

Brad on the way up

co aug

A breather

co aug

We stopped at 13,100' and another 1,000' was just too much for Dad





My feet were killing me



Some mountain goats were enjoying the hikers



They came right up to us




Baby Goat


Daddy Goat


If only I could run like a goat


These rocks were leg and ankle beaters and seemed to go for ever


hey look i can take my own photo


Looking back over Blue Lakes







On the way down Brad would hike out in front then wait for me


Oh .... the last 100 yards






Sunday we drove 941 miles to Longmont CO to link up with David and the crew. David cooked up dinner while Ariana & Kyle showed me Lady GaGa on Youtube. We left David's about 9 and arrived in Keystone around 10:30. It was raining :-( so we went and did some shopping and ended up buying a 12 pack of bud light!!! Around 1 the sun came out so we rushed back to Loveland Pass and did a 13er summit which was the same one I did with Kyle back in June.

SueSue and Papa arrived around 5 and we had dinner at the Brewery in Silverthorn. Tomorrow we will try to summit Quandary Peak.

Longmont at David Daley's

brad weltner at loveland pass

dad at the pass

brad at the summit

dad at summit



Not allot of updates ..... my bad! Brad and I are heading to Keystone CO this week are purpose had included some mountain biking activity however Brad dislocated the shoulder so now it's just hiking and fishing. The old man want to do two 14ers and Brad is game .... we'll see if the just short of 50 guy can make it! SueSue and PaPa are meeting up with us Monday for the week which will be great .... PaPa is bringing the PFG (professional fishing gear)

Sharon's officially XX :-) .... Brent starts school in a week and fingers crossed Kyle finds a job.


Rich's website is up with all the photos ..... Great Job!

Here's two of them but for all of them go to Rich Daley Photo

team texas

brent weltner lax team texas adidas


Brent & Sharon made it back late Thursday night .... about four hours of mechanical plane delays. Thursday they had some extra time and did the Spy Museum and Smithsonian. I posted Sharon's photos below ... Rich took his camera and has a bunch more :-)

Waiting .... Metro

brent metro

DC .... Zoo

brent at dc zoo


dc zoo

brent at wash monument

Coach can we just play

bent team texas lax

LAX Team Texas

team texas lax adidas

brent lax dc

brent at lacrosse national classic adidas

Brent with Will Nevotti

brent and will nevotti at adidas


The second match team Texas ran into a Jersey machine losing 17 to 1. In third game we lost but we managed to put up few more points losing 15-4. Brent netted another one!

adidas National Lacrosse Classic 5 p.m. – Rochester (2-1-1) closed out its day with a 15-4 win against Texas (0-3). Patrick DAngelo, Nick Doktor, Alex Colbar and Erich Wischmeyer each had a pair of goals. Derek DeJoe, Jonathan Hauck, David Smith, and Christopher Wood came away with a goal each. Jacob Martin scored twice, while Bucky Desadier and Brent Weltner netted one each for Texas.

adidas National Lacrosse Classic 1 p.m. – New Jersey (1-0-1) rolled to a 17-1 verdict against Texas (0-2). Six different players had multiple goals for New Jersey; Dylan Benedickson (3), Ethan Bliss (2), Ryan Coakley (2), Terry McKenna (2), Colin McLinden (2), and Chad Smith. Single-goal contributions came from Ralph D’Agostino, Sean O’Donnelly, Mat...thew Dupras and Ben Laffoon. Baker Owens scored for Texas.

The first game for team Texas was at 8am and here's the summary from the Facebook site for Adidas .... Brent did get a goal :-)

adidas National Lacrosse Classic Ian Robertson scored three times and assisted on another goal to help Carolina top Texas 8-4. Carson Sterling contributed a pair of goals to the winning effort. Alex Hall, Jack Meakin and Alex Sparrow added goals for Carolina. Scoring for Texas were Bucky Desadier, Tyler Lee, Drake Mercer, and Brent Weltner.


Sharon and Brent made it to DC ...they arrived on the 3rd to Regan airport and made it to the hotel around midnight. I called them at 7 to make sure they were up early to see the sights. They did the Zoo, Holocaust, Metro (few times) and Science Museum and capped it off with fireworks at the Washington Monument. Today they made it to Germantown for the Lacrosse meeting ?? and Rich and Diane arrived this afternoon.

For those wanting to follow the Adidas Lacrosse Classic check it out on facebook adidas-National-Lacrosse-Classic

Brad and roommate Brett came over for ribs. Kyle and I, feeling left out on the DC thing, built our own backyard monument .... sorry about the poor photo as it was with my phone. The blurry thing is a spitting frog. Maggie did fine with it going for a quick drink .... we'll have to see if Chloe is as gentle???

weltner pond


Fathers Day - Sharon started day by taking Brent to TCU Lacrosse camp for the week. Brad, Kyle and I played golf at Plantation Resort in our old neighborhood. Afterwards we came back to the house for dinner. Great job by all and this Father had a real good day!!!!!!!!!

fathers day weltner


It's now officially been rumored by rivals orangeblood site that McKinney LAX team will join forces with several other teams in Texas and Colorado to form a national powerhouse in league of their own. Or something like that ..... doesn't the all this conference realignment suck ???

Here's an article appearing in the McKinney Courier Gazette.

On Friday June 4th The National Lacrosse Classic Regional Team Tryouts took place at Parish Episcopal School in Dallas. Top 80 – 90 high school lacrosse players from Colorado to Texas were invited to participate.  Only 25 players were selected to represent the Central US Region in a national lacrosse event to be held in Maryland during the week of July 4th.  Two of the major sponsors are Adidas and Gatorade.   This is one of the largest national events for high school/club players in North America.   Texas is becoming one of lacrosse’s fastest growing hot beds for college recruits. Congratulations to the following 5 McKinney Varsity Club Lacrosse players that earned their spot on the team.  McKinney wishes you good luck as you prepare to face some of the best lacrosse teams in the nation.

 From Left to right: #2 Will Nevotti - Defenseman (McKinney HS), #10  Brent Weltner - Midfield (Boyd HS),  McKinney Varsity Head Coach Brendan Carney, #33 Nate Clark - Midfield (Boyd HS), #21 Jacob Moran - Goalie,  #41 Jack McKane - Attack

mckinney national lacrosse team 2010



Finished the patio in the back. I have put in 26,000 pounds of rock and dirt!!!!!!
Four tons of Oklahoma Flagstone ... Nine tons of decomposed granite

Completed the re bedding ..... I'm losing the red oak on the left

front yard

The walkway added Saint Augustine around the edges

the walkway

Real injected molded chairs

looking in

The fire pit




Kyle is 20 - Our original hope was to summit a 14er but that wasn't possible this time of year. We drove back Wednesday and have been chilling in Dallas .... well sort of :-)


Brent made the Central Region All stars - Texas team in Lacrosse and competes for the National Championship at the Adidas National Lacrosse Classic July 5th-8th in Germantown Maryland. McKinney should have a very strong team next year as we were awarded 5 of the players on the 25 person Central-Texas roster.


We got up at 5:30 am and headed over to breakfast at the Village Inn. By 7:00 we were driving up to Loveland Pass to attempt a 13er Cupid Peak and Grizzly. Last night we did some surfing at 14ers.com and found this cool trip www.14ers.com with no snow to the top!!!!!

We started the hike at 7:40am and reached the type or at least the 12,915 peak at 9:00am Mission Accomplished!!! The wind was nuts .... maybe 50 mph so we didn't stay long before heading back to the car.

Topo Map @ top of Loveland Pass to the Peak 12,915


We started the hike at 7:30 am and hiked directly to the East into the Sun


Getting closer


Looking back down you can see A-Basin Ski Area


Kyle at summit of Cupid Mtn 12,915' at 8:30 am


Wind at summit was well over 30 and I'm guessing the gust were close to 50 mph




Yes I made it !!!


I think the rock carne behind Kyle marked the top ... we tried to sit behind as wind shield


Time to descend as always Kyle moved a little faster than I


Lot's of snow




No photos from today. We took a rafting trip in the morning down the Blue River minutes from our Hotel. Great trip but no camera's were recommended and the professional photographer was missing. Later we found our trail head to Wheeler Lakes and did a quick hike about 1/2 way. The idea is tomorrow we will pack in and stay the night. We shall see .... below is the topo for Wheeler Peeks which is just across the highway from Cooper Mountain.



Kyle and I left Saturday at 12:15pm and made it all the way to Frisco CO at 1:20am. Roughly 900 mile drive in 14 hours. Sunday - We headed to A-Basin for Kyle to do some Snow Boarding and my goal was to get in shape. Got to the lifts about 9:00am for the opening where we got a full lift ticket for Kyle and foot pass for me. I rode up the first lift and hiked over to the second lift to reach the top. From here I could see Lenawee Mountain and a perfect ridge to climb for my exercise efforts.

Getting started


I'm ready let's go dad!


Strapping it up


Ready to hit the lift


up and away


Random shot of going up


Kyle coming down


Almost to the photographer


Passing the me




Man versus Mountain Goat

Hiking towards the ridge I decided to follow a small foot trail which disappeared into the snow. I opted to just kick thru the snow and found this impossible as it was firmly packed not allowing for kicking my boots in for a grip. Time for a change in my game plan to the top and create a route around the snow. In 30 minutes or so I was on the first false summit. Looking towards the next summit it was about 200' above me and seemed to have a reasonable enough route without snow. While looking up I noticed something at two white mountain goats .... cool my first encounter with wildlife other than the rabbit I ran over the day before (another story !). I climbed another 100 or so feet and was getting close to the summit .... weird the goats were just hanging at the top looking right at me. Normally any wildlife scatters but not these guys. Hiked a bit more and now I'm 20 or so feet from the summit and the goats aren't moving. In fact I would claim they were dipping their heads at me exposing their antlers as to show me this was their turf. WOW this sucks I'm 20' from the summit and two dam goats are stopping me. OK I decide to stand tall and hold up my arms with ski polls in hand to scare them away .... still no luck they wouldn't’t budge. 20 minutes have gone by and now two A-Basin Snow Patrol guys appear.... when they arrive they tell me they been watching this from below and I can hear their radios going with the chatter about the standoff. So the three of us head up towards the ridge and the goats vanished over the cliff. I pay my thanks to them and get one of them to snap the photo below. The two patrol guys headed off to the east side of the ridge to take care of some other business leaving me to head back to the lifts. When I arrived back down I saw them and we chatted and they told me the dam goats had reappeared and chased one of them. So much for nice mountain goat

The blue lines are the two lifts needed to reach the 12,300 top at A-Basin. The Red line marks my hike up the ridge


A photo from the top of A-Basin which is open until June 6th this year .... as one of the highest Ski Areas in the U.S.


Taking my own photo about 1/2 way up


Looking back from the ridge to the lift


Looking towards the summit and noticing the beautiful wildlife .... Mtn Goats


Hey they are still there!!


Still there


Not only are the still there they look to be dropping down towards me


The standoff ... this took 20 minutes before thank god for Snow Patrol guys


I made it!! ...




Sorry it's been over a month but really no big news. Tomorrow Kyle and I are headed for Colorado where the game plan is to go to Longmont for brief stay with David Daley. Then to Summit County for four days where Kyle will go Snow boarding at A-Basin a day or two and we should get in a hike. Then to Vail for the rest of the week. On the agenda is an attempt at a 14er but I think the snow in the high country might make the impossible. Check in next week as I'll have the camera and computer for updates.

The 30th is our 23rd wow ..... the 5th is Kyle's 20th

Sharon and Brent witnessed this a few weeks ago- on the way to school/work..
The hawk was perched on a neighbors garage peak... The foolish mockingbird was 'dive bombing' it!!
The hawk didn't move/flinch! Pretty amazing...
I guess that is all we have for excitement in Texas??!!

hawk in mckinney

hawk 2

hawk 3

hawk 4


We finally joined the 21st century and got a HDTV thanks to Pappa and SueSue house warming and early birthday present. We went with a 42" Hitachi so that it could fit in the hutch.

Brent played Friday evening against Coppel and got whacked while attempting a shot on goal. So far the X-rays and cat scan haven't shown anything but he still needs to visit with the orthopedic dr to see if there is anything damaged in the shoulder. The ER dr says sprained shoulder and wants him to go to the orthopedic dr. The days of whiffing the smelling salts and slipping the shoulder back into joint our over :-0


SueSue and Papa came for a visit this weekend to see the house, celebrate Brad's birthday (21st), watch Brent's LAX game and share time with the rest of us. They got some of it accomplished but I got caught up in a bit more of a fix-up job for one of Sharon's clients that wiped out some of those plans and Brent's game was cancelled .... :-(..... In any event it was great seeing them. Sharing some photo's that Dad had while here and a link to Brent's photo page of the Lacrosse match against South Lake. Check out photo's 103, 110, 111, 121, 122, 123, 124, 130, 131, 132, 133, and 134


brent lacrosse





Well the dam hard disk died on my laptop and I spent all day Thursday recovering. Well sort-of the last backup I had was on 2-10 so many things were lost including all the tax work I had done the previous weekend. In any event I got thru it .... the taxes and now I'll just have to see what else is missing.

Thursday Brent's Lacrosse team won against Highland Park 8 to 5. They were down 5-1 then stormed back and Brent had two goals and two assist during the the storming of the Scott's. I of course didn't go to the game because of the abovementioned. Saturday they played South Lake and lost 10 to 8 .... in the losing effort he had a goal.

Today was spent fixing the sprinkling system .... two leaks. I couldn't find Peppe or the number I have for him no longer works so I went to the McKinney rent a laborer place and got Jorge (sp??). We dug out a giant whole in the front due to the fact the pipe was busted somewhere under the sidewalk it had to be dug from both sides. After about three hours of digging and cementing the new pipe our repair was complete and it was time for the second leak which only ended up taking about an hour to complete. I think all is good to go !


Over the weekend we moved nearly everything into the new house. Friday morning I picked up Peppe and his son with Brent's F150 and a 6x12 trailer. First we cleared enough out of the old house so we could move some of Brad's stuff in which meant a trip to clear his apartment out in Plano. Then spent the rest of Friday with two more hauls between houses. Friday evening Sharon and Brad did the cleaning of the apartment .... hopefully we get the deposit back!

Saturday we went for the remaining big stuff including the Refrigerator and Washer & Dryer. Then over to the storage place to clear out our rental and bring in the dinning room furniture. We finished in time to catch Brent's Lacrosse game at 5:00.

All moved out and in and we'll be doing a month of finding the right place for everything.

We lost the game Saturday but it was exciting. We went into the 4th quarter down by 3 goals and proceeded to tie it up with then they scored and down by one we had two good shots on goal in the final minute to send it to overtime but ended up just short.

Brent was selected into Peer Assistance and Leadership for McKinney ISD. I don't know much about the program other than it's a class credit next year where they provide mentoring for other kids and a big honor for the kids to be in the program.

Tonight Brent LAX team played Greenhill and won 12 to 9 and mom tells me that he had four assist. I tried watching the game on the internet .... terrible quality made that pretty tough


Ho Hum Jayhawks won another conference title .... time to win the big one. I only watched about 20 minutes of all 3 games. Focused on getting the house done. Below are the latest photos. I'm staining the floors this Sunday so all shoots are pre stain.

Red Oak from Family to Dining

wood flooring

Around the fireplace


Peppe applying the filler over the nail holes and wood knots

from aboive

Dinning Room

dinning room

Master Bath all painted


New shelving for the Master Closet


Brent's room with a Chalkboard


This is the door we added to make a walk-in to the attic


Another shot of the door


The decked attic

decked attic

Bought too much wood .... all has been returned to the depot for $500 credit


One of the three shelves added to the garage .... did anyone think of using a level????




Sharon and Brent drove to Austin Saturday morning for two Lacrosse games. McKinney won on Saturday and lost Sunday's match. Here's a link to the team page for those interested in following.

Friday evening I ran to Home Depot bought a compressor and rented the flooring stapler along with 10,000 staples. Interesting side note a floor installer guy had recommended to use staples 1 1/2 inch long staples so that the staples would go thru the red oak and but not all the way thru the 5/8 plywood (the 2 inch staples go thru plywood ripping into the plastic moisture barrier). Issue is no one in the Metropolis carries these shorter staples. At Home Depot I found another brand but it was a slight smaller gauge (16 gauge x 1 1/2 leg and 1/2 crown). Part of my exercise Friday was to test them with the staple gun making sure they wouldn't jam the gun and went to right depth. Result ..... winner no jams on 10 hits and with perfect depth!!!! Now I was already for Saturday and Peppe!

Saturday picked up Peppe at 9 AM. Saturday morning got the asphalt paper over the plywood and removed the doors to cut or sand them down matching the new clearance. By the afternoon we were ready to strike our center line and begin the tedious process of face nailing in our first row. The first few rows have to be faced nailed because the gun will not fit due to its width and the wall. Sunday we (Peppe) were off to the races and have stapled down roughly 400 feet of the 900 feet. Hopefully we can get some more done this week in the evenings. Providing nothing else comes up should have all the flooring in by Saturday and begin the sanding, staining and finishing on Sunday. The finishing require's four coats of polyurethane and with a day of curing between each coat.

We should be able to begin the moving in process on the 20th / 21st


Brent’s team won against Colleyville TX. I didn’t get to the game but from what I hear it was no contest. Brent has switched from long pole defender to midfielder and had two good shoots of which one apparently went in but the crappy refs didn’t see it that way. McKinney won by a final score of 8 to 4.

Saturday morning I made the decision to go for the Real McCoy Oak flooring. Sharon had a Lowe’s 10% discount coupons which Home Depot honors !!!!!! Thus I got 50 bundles or 990 square feet of Red Oak Grade #1 ¾ Tongue & Groove 2 ¼ planks at $1.99 per foot, 31 4x8 sheets of 5/8 plywood & 3 rolls of 15 lb asphalt paper.

Thank god for Brent’s truck ..... I self delivered the first batch by 10 AM Saturday. Peppe and I worked till 6:30 Saturday evening. We got all the carpet ripped out and chiseled for 6 hours removing the tile in foyer. That was hell on Earth or at least in McKinney!

Sunday we laid all the plywood and then had a blast shooting the 1 ½ nails in with Peppe’s 27 caliber nail gun. For those that have not seen or done this you plug a nail into the end of a gun chamber then a gun powdered cap in the other end of the chamber and blast the nail thru the plywood and into the concrete flooring. Clearly this is way cool man stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m promise that I will make Sharon head over to the abode this week and take photos



Another busy weekend at the new house. Lot's of painting so far we have completed the Kitchen, Family Room, Dinning Room, Bathrooms and Game Room. Kyle should complete the front foyer and stairway this week. Peppe has completed the decking of the attic and added the door so that the Attic now has walk-in access from one of the upstairs bedrooms (Man Cave #2). He's also built the cabinets for the Garage and Master Closet. Over the next two weekends we should get the new wood floors delivered and installed. The house should be ready to move in about the middle of March. I'll get Sharon to take some photo's and post them later this week.

The new home address is listed above 2825 Saint Johns Drive McKinney TX 75070.


The Day After, Dallas got slammed with 12.5" of snow and to put it in perspective for those not familiar with just how much that is for DFW here is a brief list of the records that fell.

Chloe was having a tough time playing fetch .... the white lacrosse ball needed to be burrowed out with her nose

chloe looking for her ball

Backyard bushes bending

backyard snow

front yard snow


It's official, climate change hit Dallas with 9.5 inches of snow. School is cancelled along with Brent's annual College Station Lacrosse tournament.

This morning while letting the dogs out a few inches had accumulated .... no big deal it would melt in a few hours. Wrong by noon we it was 4 inches and then the big stuff hit and wow 9.5 inches of the stuff. This shattered the previous Dallas TX snowfall record of 7.5 inches which occurred once in 1917 and again in 1964.

Took the dogs for a walk this evening with their legs sinking so severely their belly's would scrape the snow so as to leave trails. This photo was taken around noon so another 3 to 4 inches was added later.

chloe in the snow 2-11-2010


Closed at roughly 10 this morning. As always we experienced the typical craziness from the rush of last minute paperwork and documentation. Kyle and I will head over to tomorrow and begin with the updates including painting and flooring. Our plan is to be moved into the house first part of next month.

2825 saint johns


Pappa took these from visit last week ... Brittany at the MAT watching the KU game, Sharon with her leader board and our latest investment come Feb 5th closing.


SueSue and the boys less Brent



From Jayhawk watch at the MAT

ed and brit


Rock Chalk JayHawk

sue brit steve

Sharon with the leader board in the background

sharon weltner top producer mckinney tx coldwell real estate

2825 St Johns

2825 st johns house


Pappa and Sue Sue are paying a visit to McKinney en route to there winter vacation in Florida. Tomorrow we will head down to the MAT and watch the KU game with Brittany.

kyle brad sue and ed

Your Friend in Real Estate was the 2009 Top Producer for Coldwell Banker Residential of McKinney TX .... !

weltner mckinney tx top producer residential homes
real estate top producer mckinney tx


New year starts with a bang - Brad got a Hotel Room down at the Fairmont and appears to have had a successful weekend!

McCluster Leads Rebels To Cotton Bowl Title Again

KU overwhelms Temple, 84-52
ku temple bball



Brent's F150 that he got for his Birthday and Kyle's Ranger that he just bought this Sunday.

Kyle Ford Ranger 1994 v6 standard w/ 131k
Kyle Ford Ranger

Brent's Ford F150 2003
Brent F150



All the boys were up by noon for an early start on the opening. We broke with a traditional Xmas rib dinner this year and Sharon went to turkey a dinner. Don't worry Brent didn't bother even coming to the table for a taste. Anyway it was great having all of them home!

Maggie watching over our tree
maggie and the xmass tree

Brad is dog sitting Ben another golden
Brad Ben Chloe

Sharon got the boys some Texas Lottery Tickets
Brad Kyle and Brent with lotto tickets

Everyone won a dollar
Lotto time