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Congratulations to Emilee Weltner new deal at LANE4 Property Group!

Emilee Weltner

Emilee Weltner



I loved this photo ... its Grandpa Weltner in 1936 with his 1936 Ford Sedan

AE Weltner and his 1936 Ford Sedan


While Sharon's in snow bound Ohio I visited Vegas and chatted with the Kansas Comet. Youngest player ever inducted into the NFL HOF.

kansas comet

gale sayers


Brad and I went to KC for weekend visit. Arrived late Friday evening just as winter storm arrived and had to travel about 90 miles in the freezing stuff. Saturday headed over to Lawrence for a KU game (we beat Georgetown!). Sunday morning we braved the elements at Arrowhead a Chiefs game w/ a Hi of 24.


KU bball game allen feild house

on the 50 at arrowhead

doug starts up the grill


Did weekend trip to Oxford to watch the Rebels. Ken Daley, Russ & Karen meet up with us in Oxford. Photos below include our redneck rental RV at Ole Miss Intramural Fields. Brad and the 50 yard-line seats.

redneck rv week


brad at rebels game

the 50 yardline seats



9/23/13 Weekend updates - Doug was in Dallas photo below with Brad & Steve at Katy Trail Icehouse.

Sunday went Dove Hunting a first for Kyle and Steve. Kyle bagged one Dove!

Olemiss 3-0 and has big one this weekend versus #1 Alabama. Not sure if they can but if they do it would be huge. Are you Ready?

kyle weltner dove hunting



steve brad and doug at katy icehouse

5/12/13 Mother's Day 'dinner' at La Hacienda Ranch...
Sorry no-Steve & Michelle they we being photographers

mothers day 2013

mothers day 2013



Getting ready for Mother's day. Brent should be home on Saturday. Here's a photo from Brent's KA Formal someplace outside of New Orleans. Kyle / Brad all seem to be doing well and working at respective jobs. Last week I did a Myrtle Beach Trip with our office while Sharon worked

brent formal ka


Conragts to Ole Miss as they defeated Florida to Win the SEC Tournament

ole miss beats gators to win sec


KU another Big 12 regular season championship .... 9 in a row!

Another Big 12 tournament championship .... more than all the other teams in the league combined.


Ole Miss Rebs are in the championship game after defeating Mizzou and Vandy. Go Rebs!

ole miss beats mizzou

Go Jayhawks & Rebels!


Bradley went skiing with Michelle's family in California at Mammoth Mountain

brad michelle skii momouth

slope shot on skii slope



Here's a photo that Papa sent over with my Grandmother and Grandfather Edna and Dolph Weltner from 1927.

edna and dolph weltner


PIC's from KC. Brent left today via SWA to Jackson MS and will go to game on Saturday (The Egg Bowl). Sharon and Kyle are back in McKinney. Michelle, Brad and I will head back in the AM. BTW photo's are mostly by Michelle our new photographer!

weltner thanksgiving

the boys

kyle brent and brad weltner

brad russ weltner

steve sharon brent brad and kyle weltner

entire weltner family

michelle and brad weltner

kyle weltner

mckinney weltner  l-r brent sharon steve bradley kyle


Brent's new wheels a 04 Tahoe z71 also called a Frathoe in Oxford (Kyle has taken over the 03 F150 and the 94 Ranger was sold). Other photos added below includes the SMU homecoming game at the Boulevard and one from the UT Ole Miss Game at the Grove.


smu homecoming

ole miss UT game


We did it Brent's all ready to go at Ole Miss. We left late Wednesday and made it to Tunica MS where we stayed at the Fitz Casino. Thursday morning we arrived to his new dorm for move in .... Sharon got everything just right including the Ole Miss Rebel flag with the non sanctioned Colonel (if you wish to save the Colonel click here). Brent's dorm looks to be finished from the new construction ... Papa John's in his basement!!!

fitz casino tunica ms

sharon and brent in ridge dorm at ole miss

sharon with ole miss rebel flag

papa johns in ridge hall - dorm


Sharon had a little surprise awaiting her when she got back from HH. We are ready to get Brent to Ole Miss and will update the site with some pic's

sharon 50 with flamingo flock



Prom - Brent with Meghan

brent weltner meghan reidy


Spoke with Sue Sue this morning she seems to be doing well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her for a speedy and full recovery!

Sharon ran in her second Rock-N-Roll Marathon finishing in about the same time as last year ... roughly 2.5 hours for the 13.1 mile event.

RCJH - Another Final Four for the jhawks!

sharon weltner roch-n-roll


Hotty Toddy .... Congratulations to Brent! Received Scholarship award from Ole Miss Accountancy School.

Are you ready?
Hell, yes! Damn Right!
Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty
Who the hell are we, Hey!
Flim Flam, Bim Bam


Brad delivering his latest presentation to NASA for a new inter planetary propulsion system.

brad weltner rocket scientist for nasa


It's Ole Miss ... Brent and I had great weekend visit to Ole Miss. Brent stayed all weekend with old McKinney friend whose family relocated to Oxford. On Monday had meetings with the accounting school and Brent sat in on class. Everything about it seemed perfect .... the town, campus & the Patterson School of Accountancy which has wonderful facilities and staff. The accounting school was just ranked number #10 in the country!!!!



Time for a website update...
Over-achieving Weltner Weekend.
Steve & Kyle spend hours trying to re-wire & pull wires in a historic downtown McKinney home, turned into an office..

Sharon & Bradley spend 8+ hours moving from one apartment to another (in the rain, and with just the 2 of them!----Serious!!! Really!!!).
Photos of Brad's apt attached.

Hilton Head Pic  191- Skinny Diane trying to find something to do that didn't involve 'sitting'... haha surprised to see her cleaning?! NOT!!! Latest update from Dad is she is doing much better now that she is taking some of her prescribed meds!
Hilton Head Pick  194-Dad & Diane, before they snapped the horrible picture of me!!!195-Attempting to hang curtains-was not fun -so this project will be attempted again, with the proper tools &/or ear muffs !!
196-Only seat for now....hope to find a deal on Craig's list, garage sale- for a sofa...
197-Built in desk area.... the TV will hang to the right on the wall.... probably next weekend project?
198-Floyd is adjusting to his new home too!
199- Kitchen, good cabinet space...Pot Rack with the 'bachelor' theme!
200-View into bedroom/bathroom....Dad, notice the pics! Washer/dryer will eventually go behind those doors...
203-Patio....1st floor apt!!  YEAH!! Thanks to Russ for the vintage  Dallas sign..if the cops come knocking you will be bailing him out of jail!!

Brent & friends at Ole Miss, trying to finalize a college decision????!!!!

brad apt

brad apt

di cleans

di rich